Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The black ball has been sunk

With the final of the 2011 World Snooker Championships over we can now take a breath and wipe the sweat from our heads. If you can't get excited about world class snooker then your clinically dead, as a fellow tipster put it "I have developed a mild TV snooker addiction. The innuendos, the tension, the old timers, its brilliant!" At work we were reduced to watching live scoring updates of the final on the computer as several of us were riding the Wizard of Wishaw home to victory.

I'm sure I'm not alone in the fact that this tipping comp has made me take an increased interested in sports I wouldn't normally give the time of day. I just hope the City of Canada Bay Council don't check up on our Internet usage, the amount of time we have spent of the NHL, NBA and Snooker sites over the past couple of days would be massive.

Having to leave work as the Canucks entered overtime in game 7 of the playoffs was excruciating. I wasn't sure how I was going to last the trip home not knowing if "My Team" had made it through to the next round or not. Then the phone rings and the voice on the other end simply says "We are through!" Ah the relief! I'm still not sure what a Canuck is yet, but for the next couple of weeks they are my team!

There has been plenty of movement in the leaderboard after the addition of the snooker points. Like I said last post, all it takes is picking one winner and you are back in it, and on the flip side, if you miss that winner you will start to slide.

Leaderboard as at 3/5/2011

Tipster Points Total
1 Neale Landers 60
2 Shannon Johns 55
3 Orron Hart 55
4 Adam Skinner 50
5 Trent White 50
6 Ron Keighran 50
7 Aaron Fluke 42
8 Stevie Dean 42
9 Bobby Skinner 41
10 Adam Keighran 41
11 Jason Croucher 38
12 Steve Mallyon 35
13 Half Moon Bay 35
14 Darren Lovett 33
15 Steven Hales 33
16 John Petkovic 32
17 Mushy Mason 32
18 Kate Skinner 30
19 Gavin Elkin 29
20 Ricardo Davalinha 29
21 Pud Croucher 29
22 Steve Dixon 27
23 Wesley Saunders 27
24 Gary Cutler 26
25 Denise Chapman 25
26 Luke Skinner 25
27 Jez Wearne 25
28 Karrissa Armstrong 23
29 Josh Belette 23
30 Todd Palmer 23
31 Dane Miller 23
32 Fernando Perez 22
33 James Telfer 21
34 Brendon Warren 20
35 Paul Nightingale 18
36 Sam Wearne 18
37 Fredrick Freabris 17
38 Johnathan Van Veen 13
39 Nathan Lindsay 8
Picking Favourites 45

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