Friday, July 31, 2009

The backlash, and something a little bit disturbing!

Well if nothing else "The Dazzler's" NRL rundown has caused a bit of a stir. Surprise surprise there was a big backlash to the whole Manly thing. Plenty going on in this issue so get your fix. Some interesting opinions, mixed in with some very disturbing, but bloody funny observations.

The King of Ugly

Its a little bit close to call, but Martin Keown is the one on the right

Money Talks

With all this talk about ugly sportsmen, I felt that it was important to point out that it doesn't matter how ugly you are, as long as you are rich you will always get the girl! Take Franc "The Hunchback from Notre Dame" Ribery for example. He may have a laughable face but he still gets to bang away at the lovely lady on the right of the above pic!

No wonder he could swim so fast

Swimsuit - Thorpe Style
Mr Clark

It's not a sport anyway
Well hasn't swimming become more of a joke in the last couple of days. The whole swimsuit shit storm has sent the "sport" into chaos. Let me begin by saying that I have never appreciated swimming as a sport, to me it is nothing more than a necessity of life to know how to swim, and the way that swimmers are portrayed as hero's sickens me. So I have to laugh at the current situation that they find themselves in. Let me get this right, so the governing body decide to ban certain suits, but not until after one of the biggest championships in the sport. My goodness, hasn't that worked well! They should all have to swim in actual suits, I may even bother to watch it then!

To the point
Dear "Dazzler", if that is your real name
You sir are an Idiot, Manly? haha
That is all

You can't get it back
Bloody hell, I was just wondering if Dazzler is able to give me back the 30mins I just wasted reading his NRL rundown! Wow I actually think that I had a few of those microsleep things while reading it. I will admit that while I was reading it I was actually thinking to myself "ok yeah I can see where this guy is coming from, he seems to know what he is on about", but then, the kicker. The prick is a Manly supporter! Everyone knows that Manly supporters are the most one eyed tossers on the planet! Lets try and keep the posts down to a few paragraphs next time Dazzler, not everyone lives on the North Shore with all that spare time on their hands!

Goes with the territory
Sure that last post by The Dazzler was long, but when you get to the end of you start to understand why. Everyone knows that people from the North Shore are so self indulgent that they believe we all care what they think and that their opinions are the most important in the world! That being said I tend to agree with the things he pointed out, except for the whole Manly winning the comp thing, dickhead! You can't go past a Dragons v Dogs final.

I want what he's having
Seriously what the f@#* are the Australian selectors smoking these days? They couldn't pick their own arses at the moment! Please sack yourselves and do us all a favour.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Massive guest appearance from The Dazzler!

Now when I say massive, I don't mean that it's a massive result that The Dazzler has decided to share his thoughts with us, I use the term in reference to the size of his offerings. Get your mind out of the gutter, I don't mean "those" offerings, I just suggest that if you need to go to the toilet you do it before you start reading, your going to be awhile! Oh and please don't hesitate to share your thoughts about what he has written!

OK, people! We’re about six weeks out from the NRL finals series, so I would imagine you have an idea as to who is most likely to square off on the big one on Sunday October 4th. It would be fair to say that a vast majority of people are backing a Canterbury and St George-Illawarra grand final – and with good reason. They have clearly been the two best sides all year, and apart from Melbourne, both these sides arguably have the best attack and defence in the competition thus far.
However, am I backing a Dogs/Saints grand final for the first time since 1985? Honestly? No. The simple reason is that, unlike the AFL where everyone knows that it’s a two-horse race, the NRL competition is still wide open. There are a number of other sides who I believe are capable of winning the title. Conversely, there are a few sides in the top eight at the moment that will only be there to make up the numbers. I’ll start with these teams first…

Newcastle. There are three certainties in life – Death, taxes and that any team coached by Brian Smith will never win a title. Seriously. He has never won a premiership in Australia, despite having a number of very good chances of success. He had chances in 1992-93 at St George before moving to Parramatta in 1997. Does anyone remember that grand final playoff in 1998? Leading Canterbury 18-2 with 10 minutes left only to lose 32-20 in extra time? Or what about the following year – where they the in the same position but only to lose against eventual winners Melbourne? What about the first-half capitulation in the 2001 Grand Final against Newcastle? Or the 29-0 thrashing in the 2005 Grand Final playoff against North Queensland despite being overwhelming favourites?

Now that Brian Smith has decided to move to the Roosters next year, two things will happen – the Roosters will not the title in 2010, 2011 and/or 2012 (that’s if he sees out his contract – which by the way he hasn’t to date); but more importantly, given their inept performance against Manly, do you seriously think that the players will give their all to a coach who will have his mind on future success at Bondi?

Gold Coast. Although they are a good side, they are not a great side - yet. Yes, they have made big strides compared to the last two years simply due a number of factors - injuries haven’t been a problem this year as well as winning all their games at Skilled Park. But for them to really challenge for the title they need to have their finals game(s) at home, as I think they will struggle away and that they need to have all of their big guns on the park (i.e. Campbell, Prince, Rogers, Minichiello, Harrison, Friend & Bailey) – and firing.

Brisbane. I know that you shouldn’t write off the Broncos, but I am for one reason. Defence. Over the last two months their defence has been, well, non-existent. They have been conceding over 30 points on a consistent basis and you simply cannot win a title leaking that number of points each match. In fact, if you look at the ladder heading into this round (round 20), of the nine sides that can make the eight, the Broncos are the only side to concede over 400 points, and are the only side to have a negative differential. Although they have a favourable run home, defence will be the key if they want to be taken seriously.

Penrith. After escaping the chop at the end of last year, I think Matt Elliot has done a fantastic job with the Panthers. But given that, I can’t see them climbing any higher than seventh or eighth, which will result in an elimination clash with either the Bulldogs or the Dragons in week one of the finals. Unless you’re a die-hard Panthers fan, I think their off-season will begin in mid-September.

Now that I have disappointed the supporters of the above sides, here are the sides (apart from the Dragons and Bulldogs) that are more than capable of standing on the winners’ dais on the first Sunday in October…

St George Illawarra. Could this finally be it? Is this the year that the red-and-white of both St George and Illawarra can finally celebrate? Or will it be another false dawn? Dragons’ fans tend to be sceptical. Since St George’s 1979 win, they have lost the grand finals in 1985, 1992 (the same the Illawarra Steelers lost the grand final qualifier to Brisbane), 1993, 1996 and 1999.

But I think this year is different. The Saints have so much going for them. They have the best defence in the comp and are third in attack. Their side has class stamped all over them – Soward, Hornby, Sailor, Boyd, Morris, Cooper, Poore, Wayman, Creagh, just to name half their side! If that’s not enough, they are coached by a bloke who has won six titles beginning in 1992 – the one and only Wayne Bennett.

I believe that 2009 is the Dragons best chance of taking out the big one. Actually I’ll go one step further – if they do not win this year, there is only one thing to do – approach the greats of the 1956-66 era and ask them to make a comeback At least the likes of Raper, Gasnier, Provan, Walsh and Langlands know how to get the job done…

Canterbury. Regardless of who wins the premiership this year, the Bulldogs will be the feel good story of the year. I find it very, very difficult to hate the Bulldogs nowadays, and I don’t think I’m the only one. The dark clouds of the last few years are well and truly gone and if they can complete the last-to-first transition it will be nothing short of remarkable.

I believe that there are four reasons for this turnaround – three of which are Sonny Bill Williams, Willie Mason and Reni Maitua - enough said. The fourth reason is the personnel the Bulldogs bought to the club during the off season - mainly Brett Kimmorley, Michael Ennis, Greg Eastwood, Josh Morris, David Stagg and Ben Hannant. The results speak for themselves – first in attack, third in defence, first in line breaks made and second in line breaks conceded. Add in Hazem El Magic’s goalkicking and Luke “safe as a bank” Pattern at the back, and it is going to take a very good side to beat them.

Given their run home, a top four spot is a minimum, and they should at the very least be one of the final four teams standing.

Melbourne. Any side that has the likes of Slater, Inglis, Smith, Cronk, Hoffman and Johnson must be taken into account – and their coach is pretty good too. Another factor that has to be taken into account is redemption. Apart from Manly (being the defending premiers), the Storm will desperately want to erase the nightmare that was the 2008 GF – and the only way to do that is to not only make the grand final, but to take the title back to the AFL heartland.

North Queensland. Or should I say, a Johnathan Thurston-led North Queensland. If he is on the park, I think they are the dark horse of the competition. So dark in fact, that I think they have taken the ‘under the radar’ banner that Manly used last year. I haven’t heard anyone mention the Cowboys as contenders, but despite their hooker Aaron Payne being ruled out for the rest of the year, they do have a fast backline including Matt Bowen, Ty Williams, Willie Tonga and new recruit Michael Bani and an experienced forward-line consisting of Carl Webb, Steve Southern, Antonio Kaufusi and Luke O’Donnell. In addition, they are equal-first (with the Bulldogs) in attack However, the fate of the Cowboys in 2009 mirrors that of the Knights in past years – it rests with the man in the No. 7 jersey.

So, after considering the pros and cons of each of the above teams, who do I think will win the Premiership? Answer: NONE OF THEM!! Anyone who knows me knows that I look at Rugby League through rose-coloured glasses – or should I say, maroon-and white coloured glasses…


OK, First things first. I have supported them since I was five. And yes, they had a shocking start to the year due to various events that I don’t think needs reminding. Yes, we are without our X-Factor in Brett Stewart. Yes, it has taken two-thirds of the season to make the top eight.

But wait a minute – Manly couldn’t win without Brett Stewart. Manly have only won two from their first eight games – they won’t win it this year. The in-fighting going on between the Manly board members is taking its toll on the team. That was the talk three months ago. But yet, after their thrashing of Newcastle (and yes, I concede that Newcastle gave us that game on a platter) we have been taken seriously again!

I’ll also point out that after the win against Newcastle, Manly have won eight of their last ten games – and one of their losses was the one-point defeat in that controversial game against the Titans. Also, in their run home they only play two teams that are in the top eight – Melbourne (away – Rd 24) and Gold Coast (home – Rd 26). Not only is a top-four birth is possible, but players such as the Wolfman, Kite, the Stewart brothers, Lyon, King, Perry, Orford, Ballin, Robertson, Matai, Watmough and Co. know what it takes to get to the grand final, let alone win it. And mark my words – like 2008, Des Hasler will have this side peaking at just the right time.

So yes, you Dragons, Bulldogs and Storm supporters should be looking over your shoulder.
Because we will be there in September.

And yes, we will have Brett Stewart back before the finals.

Don’t say you weren’t warned…

The Dazzler

Monday, July 27, 2009

Feathers Fly

This week has seen the King of the Week go to an unusual winner. They have beaten out a few strong contenders, one of which has been handed a special runner's up award. The Dick of the Week is also handed out, also beating off strong competition. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a special run down of the NRL from the mind of Dazzler.

King of the Week

The Manly Sea Eagle Mascot
While not technically a sportsman, the incident with the wanker from the crowd is enough to see the guy in the suit pick up the award. Not content with just putting him on the ground, the eagle gets a few quality punches in as well. Also the fact that he even gets interviewed after the game by the tv is something to be seen. It is well worth looking up on Youtube! Sorry I havn't been able to link it yet.

Runner Up

"The first 90 minutes of the match are the most important." – Sir Bobby Robson
This guy is battling Cancer for the FIFTH time. It takes a strong man to get through it once, but 5 f@#*ing times is just ridiculous! So it seems only fair that he gets a mention, and you just have to love that quote!

Dick of the Week

Brian Smith
Anyone who leaves a club with more than a year to run on the contract, practically mid season, is a dick. Added to the fact that he has no remorse or care factor for doing what he has done makes him a shoe in for this award.

Struggling to understand
Now I get that the guys who compete in the Tour de France are freaks of nature in terms of athletic ability, well the ones not using drugs anyway. I also get that the Tour is quite the distance to ride and it requires a good team of riders to support each other in order to get the main guy over the line. However I have really struggled over the years with the way the whole time keeping system works. I'll be honest from the outset and admit that I don't watch it that much so maybe I am missing something but I remember last years Tour and Cadel Evens entered the last day only a few seconds behind and the commentators saying that its a pity he is going to fall sort of winning it. I was like what the f@#*? How is this possible? Why can't he just go hammer and tong and go out and win the damm thing?

Then this year he falls 3km from the finish and they say that its ok it won't affect his time, ummm why the f@#* not? Can someone tell me why the Tour isn't just a simple first past the post wins? Why do they have to make things so complicated? Seriously I feel it would be so much better, fairer and exciting if it was every man for themselves, first to Paris wins! The bloody French always have to makes things complicated!

Money talks
There are alot of people at the moment with their tits in a tangle over the huge sums of money players are leaving their teams/codes for at the moment. So many of us are quick to jump up in protest, calling them mercenaries, Judas etc without really looking at the big picture.

Say you are working for Company A, you like it there, the money is quite good and you haven't ever really thought about leaving. Then Company B comes along and offers you double what your getting at the moment. You wouldn't have to think twice about going would you!

So I suggest you all just cool down and start hoping that Company B gives you a call!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The weekend is here

Welcome to another jam packed sports weekend. Be sure to cast your vote in the Ugliest man in sport poll. Also I'm sure that you have an opinion on something in the world of sport, so be sure to keep your thoughts coming in!

I'll drop him off myself
Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle has expressed a desire to sign Emmanuel Eboue from Arsenal.

"Arsenal's Eboue is a really good player and it won't be easy to take him to Florence," he told the Italian press.

The above statement had my jaw hitting the floor. Not because the guy from Fiorentina seems to think Eboue is a good player, for that he needs his head read. No the thing that had me the most dumbfounded was the fact that he seems to think that it will be hard to take him away from the Arse. Does he have mental problems? Dude, seriously I will fly over to England, pick that useless piece of shit up, fling him over my shoulder and carry him all the way to Italy myself if it means that we don't have to watch him run out in an Arsenal shirt ever again. 99% of Arsenal fans would be glad to see him gone, the other 1% can join him in leaving Arsenal if they think we wont be better off without him!

So when did you want him dropped off?

It pays to be known
I must confess to being disenchanted with the British legal system following the news that Steven Gerrard has walked free. Now don't get me wrong I like the guy as a player and my feelings are not born out a Liverpool hatred, but for him to be involved in an incident with 7 others guys, all of whom plead guilty, and he gets off scott free is bullshit.

You can not tell me that the fact that he is Steven Gerrard, Liverpool Captain, didn't help in a massive way to getting him off. This is just another case of a celebrity being treated differently than your average joe merely because he can kick a football better than you and I. The fact that his 7 mates go down for the incident proves this point! I mean he even confesses to hitting the guy! What more evidence do you need?

Who do you follow
Well the inevitable has happened, Steven Gerrard has got away with a violent off field act that should have seen him do time. The major problem I see with this whole thing is the way in which the verdict was reached. How can you honestly expect a jury to be impartial towards a person of his celebrity status?

Now I know that they do screen all possible members of a jury, but lets be honest for just 1 second. Your sitting in the interview room and they ask you if you follow football. If your a massive Liverpool fan and you think this maybe for the Gerrard case, you are going to do anything you can to get on that Jury and make sure that your hero gets off. Sure the same could be said if you hated the guy and you would want to make sure he goes down, but this just proves the point that the system as a whole doesn't work.

He should have just been tried by a judge, sentenced to 40 years and we could all just get on with our lives.

Hitting back
It seems that I have hit a nerve with Mr Harmo. He seems to think that I am some Pommy loving git who craves for the motherland. He couldn't be further from the truth. Sure I defended the Poms time wasting tactics from the 1st test, but if he is honest with himself and tried to be non bias for just 1 minute I think he would admit that he would have done the same thing.

That being said, just because I defended those tactics does not mean that I will stand up for the "catch claim" that even had me fuming. In this occasion, they cheated, plain and simple. Any honest man would have told the umpires that they weren't sure and that they should probably check with the 3rd umpire. The Poms were/are not honest. So don't you worry yourself Harmo, I am Aussie through and through.

Time for change
Surely we have to play Stuart Clark in the 3rd test.....please!!!! The guy should have been playing from the start!

Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a new king!

The crowning of the King and Dick of the week is late this week due to me waiting and hoping on Monday night for an unlikely Ashes come from behind victory on the back of Michael Clarke. I was all set to give him the crown, but alas we fell short. So instead an unlikely winner is named and the Dick of the Week award goes to a money hungry grub! Enjoy.

King of the Week

Tom Watson's play-off defeat at The Open improved his world ranking by 1,270 places, moving him from 1,374th to 104th.

Had he holed an eight-foot putt on the final green and become, at 59-years-old, the oldest major winner in history by 13 years, Watson would today be ranked world No45. Now that is worth a crown!

Dick of the Week

Emmanuel Adebayor - for 2 reasons.
1 - Because after the transfer went through he had the nerve to request a 2million pound "loyalty bonus". You wanted the move dick, are the 150,000 pounds a week your on not enough?
2 - The way he dresses

Your never too young
Bolivian top flight football side Aurora have handed a debut to 12-year-old Mauricio Baldivieso in a 1-0 loss to FC la Paz. Mauricio came on six minutes before halftime, sent into the fray by coach Julio Cesar Baldivieso, who happens to be youngster's father.

Mauricio had a somewhat brutal introduction to the professional game as he picked up an ankle knock within five minutes from ferocious tackle by La Paz's Henry Alaca. But to the delight of Aurora's fans, who gave him an ovation, the youngster was able to resume after treatment pitchside.

Just thought it might interest the masses!
Toon Man

Where are you now?
Just wondering if Matt "I'm really Margret Thatcher in disguise" from last week is willing to again go into bat(excuse the pun) for the stinking cheating Poms again? He was so quick to throw his support behind their pathetic time wasting tactics last test match, just wondering if he is supporting their dodgy catch claims? How that was ever a catch i will never know, and for a Captain of country to not even blink an eyelid is a disgrace and he should have to step down from his position! I hate the Poms!

Doing the numbers
Dear Mr Ponting, last time I checked you needed to take 20 wickets to win a test match.
That is all

Late entry

Who remembers Luke Chadwick?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The competition heats up!

It's a massive pre weekend edition of YEAHMATEGO with plenty on in the world of sport. It looks like it's going to be a tough choice when it comes to picking the ugliest man in sport with nominations flying in. All of them have a fair claim at the title as well! Also with the Origin just gone, the 2nd Ashes test starting and the British open as well its a massive weekend of sport. The weekly Dick and King of the week awards will also be up for grabs so get your nominations in.

Are you from Notre Dame?

Franc Ribery
The man is a damm good footballer, and yes I know that he is ugly as f@*# because of an accident, but that doesn't stop me having a good old laugh every time I see him!

He is rich though

Carlos Tevez
When you think ugly, surely you think Tevez!

Does he count?

Phil Gould
Do commentators / coaches count?

Have I seen you before?

Were Ronaldinho and Jaa Jaa Binks separated at birth?

Size matters
Tiger at +1 in the first round at Turnberry hey? I knew his biceps were too big.
Mr Clark

Dazed and confused
Can someone please tell me how on earth Waterhouse was sent from the field for making a quality tackle(laughs) when no punishment is handed out to the 2 guys throwing, what I must say say were, quality punches? White lands a cracking punch on Price's chin and knocks him clean out and he gets nothing, not a thing. What the f@#* is wrong with the refs? For that matter what's wrong with the video ref?

On that point, why do we even bother having video refs anyway? There were 3 tries in that game that were questionable at best but because they are now shit scared of getting it wrong they use the "benefit of the doubt" excuse for everything now. I almost thought that they were going to give the Hodges try at one stage it was that bad. Although part of me wanted it awarded just for the effort!

Best Origin ever?

Funny moment
Easily the best origin game for years, it had everything, including a NSW win which always helps, but the moment from last nights game that had me most entertained was the aftermath to the Wolfman's try (who should never play Origin again, but that's a different topic). The exchange went as follows:
Gidley - He f@#*in kicked him in the head
Thurston - F@#* off spastic
Ref - You've come in late with the foot and made contact with the head, it's going on report and it's a possible 8 point try
Thurston - What the f@#* do you mean possible?
Ref - Well he has to kick it first

I thought it was a fantastic moment, showing how retarded rugby league players can be, and the look on the refs face was like "derrrr, idiot"

Mind on other things
Whats the story with Mitchell Johnson at the moment? The guy couldn't hit the side of a barn at the moment. Is it that his mind is elsewhere? Like what he is going to be hitting when he gets back to the hotel that night? I know that's where my mind would be!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'll see your Cadel and raise you a Keown

It looks like the last post might have started something of a competition to find the ugliest man in sport. So if you reckon there is someone uglier than Cadel or Keown, please put forward your entry!

Cadel has got nothing

Now when you start talking ugly sports people, how can you go past the fine mug of Martin Keown? Mind you the horse features of Ruud aren't exactly model material either!

Time to smarten up
For anyone who had been watching the first ashes test, you may have noticed that the match was dominated by the bat and while it was good to see some of our batsmen post long needed centuries or even their first ashes centuries the fact that both sides kept batting and batting and batting virtually made a result impossible.
So for Ricky Ponting and the selectors i just wish to inform them that while in one day and twenty20 matches you can win with good defensive tactics, test matches require you to take 20 wickets because you must bowl out the opposition to win the match. This can be achieved with both better team selections of wicket taking bowlers and with employing aggressive fielding tactics (even more so when you have a lead of 200+ runs from the first innings).
Lift your game guys i expect more from the remaining 4 tests.

No your not
To Matt from yesterday's post, mate I'm sorry to be the 1 to tell you this, but you my friend, are UNAUSTRALIAN! You claim to be a very proud Aussie and yet you can sit there and defend the Pommy wankers and their dirty cheating tactics? Sorry to burst your bubble mate but if you were really an Australian you would still want to punch a Pommy in the face if he gave you $100 for free! Are you Margret Thatcher in disguise?

Rich Dad Poor Club
The amount of money being thrown about by these Rich Dads to their Football Club Children is ridiculous. Sure, when we we’re grounded for two week (read relegated) we wished some Rich Dad would come and adopt us so life would be peachy. Trouble is when it does happen, the result is often a spoiled brat that wants everything (read trophies) and they want them now. Consider these conversations and see if you can work out the clubs involved and then create your own.

Conversation One
Spoiled Son: Dad! I want a Ronaldo for Christmas!
Rich Dad: You got one for your birthday and barely played with him
Spoiled Son: Yeah but there’s a new model, everyone thinks he’s cool and I want it!
Rich Rad: OK son, anything to keep you and your Nanny happy.
Younger Kids At School: Can we see your Ronaldo? We’ll pay you 30 Euro
Conversation Two
Demanding Nanny: If you want your Football Club Son to succeed I’m going to need resources
Big Debt Dad: I want the best for my Football Club Son, but we can’t afford all those fancy toys.
Demanding Nanny: If you’re happy with a Mid-table Son then so be it.
Big Debt Dad: Ok, Ok. Get him what he needs.
(A couple of years pass)
Big Debt Dad: I’m broke, and all my Son has to show for it is Semi Finals in the spelling bee?! It will take me 25 years to recover!
Demanding Nanny: Oh well, too bad I’m off to the next silly Rich Dad
Conversation Three
Russian Rich Dad: Hey there, Sheikh Rich Dad. Have your seen my Son. He’s doing super with some great toys. I fucked the Chosen Nanny so he had to go but it’s worth it just to see my Son succeed every couple of years
Sheikh: Hmm, Football Club Son, hey? I can afford to adopt one of those. Then I’ll buy him a really good toy.
Russian Rich Dad: Just be careful one toy won’t be enough to keep him happy and it won’t win him any spelling bees!
Conversation Four

Aussie Rich Dad: Those pricks at the Institute. They stole my fucking Nanny right before the Spelling Bee!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mixed bag...

Mixed bag today, but of course the Ashes is a hot topic at the moment. Read on and feel free to have your say!

Harsh but fair
Please raise your hand if you think Cadel Evans is one of the ugliest men alive

He has no alibi for his appearance.
U.G.L.Y. Cadel ain’t got no alibi – He ugly!

Mates before dates..
I have always been a mates before dates kinda guy, but now I find myself in a rather large fight with the date, as this time last year I promised to run the city to surf with her on August 9. However with 4 weeks left of Sunday football, Coogee Utd are poised for a finals birth the same weekend.. Do you continue to play football with a group of guys who will all be returning to the UK at seasons end or keep the date happy by joining her for 3 hours of running on a Sunday afternoon...........
I'll be trying my hardest to make the semi final..

I'm, Aussie, honest
I'd just like to start by saying that I am a very proud Australian and the following opinion is based purely from a sporting point of view and not that of a one eyed spectator. Now I know there are many Aussie cricket fans out there who like most of us are quite upset with the antics of the English cricket team during the last 69 balls of the 1st test, but I for 1 take my hat off to them! Seriously, I mean lets be honest and for 1 second put yourselves in the same situation. You wouldn't do the same thing? Your shoelace wouldn't suddenly come undone at the end of every second over? You eyes wouldn't suddenly get something in them and You need assistance? Please! The Poms were in a no win situation and they had to do all they could to stop the Aussie taking a lead in the series

The real truth of the matter is that the Australian bowling attack wasn't/isn't good enough to finish off the innings! I mean Hauritz and North, are you serious?

The other point of view

"Same old England, always cheating, Same old England, always cheating". Damm I hate the Poms, and that hatred has only grown since those ridiculous scenes at the end of the 1st test. F*@#ing little pansies! Why couldn't they just man up and face the music? I think I could have copped it a little bit better if they had of shown some balls and really earned that draw!

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I flick the TV onto Fox Sports news when I woke up to check by how much we had won the cricket only to see scenes of jubilation in the crowd and the Pommy players running around hugging each other. I think to myself, shit, they have won? But how? Then the commentator sheds some light on the footage by telling us that England have held on for the draw......THE DRAW!

Bloody hell can you imagine if they do the unthinkable and actually win a game? There will be sex on the streets!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And the winner is....

King of the Week

I give you Jason Culina, the 1st King of the Week here on YEAHMATEGO.

Culina recently reacted to suggestions from Fulham captain Danny Murphy that the match against the Premier League team would be of the significant of a “mini cup final” for the "lesser" A-League outfit.

"He’s talking shit," Culina said. "I think the boys would be a lot happier if we got to play against Manchester United or Arsenal or something ... but Fulham, yeah, big deal."

Love it! Any Fulham fans out there?

Dick of the Week

And the honor goes to one Nate Miles.

Anyone who can crap all over a hotel, fall asleep naked in the hall and claim it was all an accident deserves this award! I get the feeling we are going to see plenty of Rugby League players winning this award over the next few weeks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Plenty on your mind

There is plenty going on, and plenty on your minds, quality stuff! Remember if you want to get your opinion heard, don't be shy, email me at

Sour grapes?
What will be amusing is the amount of Utd fans who a few days ago would have been saying that Owen was past it will now be lauding Fergie as a genius today.

Owen has no loyalty to anyone but himself, I hope he gets booed out of Anfield on his return...if he's even fit.


He could buy alot of peanuts!
With 80,000 people turning out for 30mins just to see Ronaldo "unveiled" as a Real Madrid player it is quite sick to realise that if each one of those fans had brought with them $2, it still wouldn't have covered his wages for the WEEK! Is anyone really worth that much?


Toughen up!
For some reason I found myself watching the end of the Men's Wimbledon final early the other morning. I'm not that much of a tennis fan to be honest but I found the match to be quite exciting. As it was becoming more and more obvious that Federer was going to win I found myself wondering what the odds were that the little bitch was going to cry! Well I wasn't to be disappointed with big Roger doing his usual number and balling like a baby. Yeah yeah its great that he is in touch with his emotions, rubbish is it. I could maybe handle it if it was the 1st win of his career, or he had just lost a loved one, but bloody hell mate you win just about everything every year, man up!


Well actually.......
Just wanted to draw "Skins" attention to his last post about World Cups. For the record countries to have to qualify for the Rugby League World Cup. Sure it may not be as long a process as Soccer's but that's just how it is. Also you claim that any of the 32 teams that qualify for the Soccer World Cup could win it? Bullshit! There is no way that the powerhouse that is Trinidad & Tobago could have ever won the last World Cup!


What a cock
Just wondering how much lower the Roosters and the NRL for that matter can go. Nate Miles must have the brain capacity of a dead moose to do what he did. How stupid do you have to be to put yourself in that situation? Rugby League player stupid I suppose! "I couldn't help it" hahahahahahaha fantastic excuse mate. Your passed out after who knows how many beers the night before and you crap all over the place and you claim you couldn't help it? Well of course you couldn't Nate, all the alcohol in your system made you loose control of all your bodily functions and also get naked.

Lets be thankful though, at least there wasn't any rape to report, that must be a massive positive for the NRL!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short and Sweet

Quick post tonight as I am overly tired. The combination of early mornings for work and a new baby really take it out of you. But I never complain in front of my wife, oh no, she has it alot worse than me. However it doesn't make me less tired! Anyway heaps of sport going on, and a massive weekend to come, so get ranting!

Also just to let you know YEAHMATEGO will be starting a Dick of the Week award. All nominations will be considered so get you suggestions in early!

Important news
Just an update on the most important football competition in the World - well at least in Northern NSW. Moree Services Soccer Club defeated the Gunnedah Jets 5-2 in 1st Grade and 5-0 in Reserves. Go the 'bats'!!!!

Boo Boo

Climbing the ladder
I was just on the Fox Sports website and read a little article about the new FIFA rankings. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It seems that the Socceroos (man i hate that name, I will have a debate with anyone who wishes it about how it is the only true Football!) well it seems that we as a nation have risen to the dizzy heights of 16th in the current rankings. Now to those of you who don't follow the the world game this is quiet an accomplishment. It is great to see that we as a footballing nation are now starting to be given the credit that we deserve.

Now some of you may be sitting there going "geez Skins, big deal, 16th isn't that impressive", well your a bogan and you need to find a life! You see in the world game of football there are over 100 nations recognised by FIFA as footballing nations. New Zealand is ranked 100th! You see when Football has a World Cup the 32 teams that have "qualified" all have a chance of winning. Yes thats right you have to qualify for our World Cup, you don't just get an invite to participate!

So yes 16th IS impressive, Football has the only TRUE World Cup and well done Pim and the boys!


To the point
Massive Man Utd fan
HATE Berbatov
that is all