Monday, June 29, 2009

The post with a woman's touch

It's great to see a woman's touch being brought to the blog. With sport often being seen as a "macho" thing I find it very interesting to hear a woman's point of view on anything sport. It's also better than hearing her nagging about not taking the garbage out or how you don't "express your emotions enough". So welcome Denise, we look forward to more posts from our English correspondent! Also keep your opinions coming guys, love to hear them!

Not happy Jan
It's the weekend after origin, I need to put my tips in and I'm still fuming about the game. My head is not right and I need to make points up on the leaders. In my Queensland hating mood I'm thinking to myself, bugger the Broncos, Storm and Titans I'm not going to tip them. However as Friday 5pm draws closer I get cold feet and end up tipping all 3! True to form 2 of them lose and it just goes to show you can't trust a Queenslander!


The hate game
In response to Skins topic of players we hate in the teams we love, I would just like to put forward the name of Brett Kimmorley. Now I would call myself a massive Bulldog's fan (No I am not of Lebanese decent) but I have never liked Kimmorley when he was playing for other clubs and when we signed him for this year, regardless of how it seems to be working I just cant bring myself to like the guy. I guess it just boils down to the fact I havn't forgiven him for "that pass" during Origin!


and some more.....
Just thought i'd write in with my players we hate from the teams we love. I'm a massive Newcastle United fan and i'd like to put forward the entire 1st team from last season. Damm I love the club, but those pricks can all rot in hell, f@*#@*s!

Toon Man

For the love of one's country
As an Aussie living in London we like to stick it to the poms as much as we can. Unfortunately, we as a nation, seem to be going down the gurgler. I have sat through the dismal 20/20 cricket, the ridicule of the rugby 7’s, and the only joy that I have had all year is cheering for Manly in the rugby world challenge. Which I assure will never happen again. I’m a Broncos kid.
I was at Wimbledon yesterday, sitting on Henman hill (Murray mountain will never take off). And along with the thousands of other Aussie there, I have never cheered louder for Lleyton Hewitt before. So it seems all hope of redeeming ourselves as a sporting nation rest on him meeting and beating Andy Murray, and of course the ashes, which no one is game to start sledging about. C’mon Australia. Get your act together! I don’t care what you have to do, but I’m not leaving the UK a loser!
Honestly. I hate Lleyton. But I soooooo want him to win so I can have a go at the poms!


Friday, June 26, 2009

The page that has nothing to do with Wacko Jacko

I think the less said about the Origin game the better. NSW have massive problems that can't be fixed this year. What a horrible night of sport it was for me, the Jets were handed a football lesson, they were so bad that I ended up watching more of the League which is very rare for me. Anyway keep the posts coming in, the more the merrier and thats what this site is here for, to help you get it off your chest.

Winners are grinners
I hear the NSW Blues have just announced that next year's shirt sponsor will be Tampax. A spokesman for Tampax said "To sponsor a bunch of c@#*s going through a bad period is exactly what our company is all about".


The Dwarf Davis

There is always one
Watching the Jets game on Wednesday got me thinking about the teams that you love and the fact that in these teams there always seems to be a player or two that you really hate. Its funny when you think about it really, I mean these are players that are playing for the club that you follow unconditionally and yet everything that they do causes your blood to boil. For me the name at the top of this list is Eboue at Arsenal, I know he isn't liked very much by opposition fans but I think that I hate him alot more. I just cant stand the guy and I have to confess to actually loving every minute of the game where he was booed off the park as it made me realise that I wasn't alone in my hatred.

He isn't the first player at Arsenal that got me seeing red, and I'm sure he won't be the last. A few years back Arsenal were playing Chelski in the FA Cup final and when the teams were announced I found out that my least favorite player, Ray Parlour, was getting a start and boy did I go off. Well my old man just sat back and said "Don't be so harsh, he will probably score and win us the game" "Not likey Bobby, if this simpleton scores, ill kiss the TV screen". Needless to say I tasted glass that night, The Arsenal won and you know what, I still hated OOO AHH Ray Parlour.

Everyone has a player that they hate at their favorite clubs, who is yours?


Good to see
I know that Crocker got a few good shots in, but wasn't it great to see Poore get that one quality shot right on the end of that wankers chin. Could not have happened to a nicer bloke really, damm I can't stand that guy, absolute scum of the earth. Closely followed by Cameron Smith, I hate him too. He would have to be one of the dirtiest players to never get penalised in a game, the shit that he gets away with makes me sick. The list goes on but I may as well just admit that I am a very sour NSW man and finish by saying that I hate all Queenslanders!


Monday, June 22, 2009

The 1st post, welcome Wazza

Welcome to the site where you can get your opinion on sport across no matter what it is. Feel free to contribute, you know the email addy, if not just ask me for it. Don't be shy people, let the world know how much you hate Man Utd, or how much you think NSW will win the next Origin by! This is the first of hopefully many post and I'd like to send a special congrats to Wazza for being the first person to feel the need to rant, love it! So read on and remember don't keep those feelings bottled up inside, its not healthy, get them out no matter how long or short they are.

What's my worth then?

With the recent news that Ronaldo is moving from Manure to Real Madrid for a world record $A162 Million it brings up an interesting question, If he is worth that much, surely I am worth at least $1 Million?


Sunday Afternoon Referees

OK so, today I played Sunday afternoon lower grade football as I am sure alot of you do or have done at some stage, you show up every Sunday asking "OK so do we get linesmen this week or is the coach of the away team going to be referee as as the officiating body hasn't sent anyone." We are used to this and usually you get a few calls that could have gone against you or with you. However this afternoon when we showed up we were presented with a man that resembled the body mass of Pavarotti and a young linesman who's hair was a similar volume.
At half time the scores were locked at 0-0 and the winner of the game would move into 2nd position on the table. so alot to play for in the 2nd half..

At half time a few of our team approached the linesman and asked him how long he had been a linesman, turn out this was his first game, so we continued to ask him if he was allowed to call off side, to which he replied yes. When asked well why didn't you raise the flag when on more than one occasion their forward was off side, ( the ref had made the call so all was not lost) he replied "I WASN'T WATCHING".. OK first game you might miss a few calls but when I refereed my first game I was shit scared about missing anything so i watched like i hadn't watched before.

OK 2nd half no linesman at our end..

What was a nice piece of play down our right hand side ended up with a through ball to a player that had fallen over, only to get up in time for the ball to be at his feet and turn and shoot at goal. I as goal keeper got a hand to the shot and turned it into the post but it dribbled over the line, we appealed for offside and the goal scorer wasn't celebrating as he knew he was off side but a goal was awarded, but the giant of a man who resembled Pavarotti was standing inside the centre circle..

Furious I questioned him about his ability to keep up with the game and make a call that may have a significant outcome on the current leader board, his response..

"I'm the guy in the yellow shirt so shut up, I was in the right place for the play", I again protested that the centre circle is a long way away for the penalty spot.. in which I received " I was in a better position that you to make the call"

As play resumed a barrage of offsides were given against the team, a few correct I will admit but on more than one occasion the opposing striker and I stood and looked at the referee bewildered by the decision he had made as we both knew it was onside and should have offered the team a chance at a 2nd goal. But again a clear offside was allowed to play on, I made the save but again we both stared at the referee in amazement..

You are probably thinking yeah this happens..

But during the last 10 minutes of the game a ball being run down the sideline was blown as out against us, the opposing player turned to the referee and said "what the fuck? I didn't touch him how is that a free kick?" In response (again from the centre cirlce)"the ball was out" I think almost everyone on the pitch at this stage had to laugh as when shown where they were standing, all players were about a foot inside the touchline. So we had a drop ball ??

Yes we did end up loosing the match 3-1 and yes they deserved the 2nd and 3rd goal but in a match with so much riding on it, conceding the goal started a collapse and a loss of self belief in the team which eventuated in the 2nd and 3rd goals.

So my final thought is, if you don't have linesmen and you cant keep up with the play why make a call and threaten players with a send off when questioned about it, especially when the striker who scored the goal admits to being offside..

That's what I am complaining about today and Randwick council not closing the ground when every other council in the eastern suburbs closes theirs.. now we have to organise 3 catch up games..