Monday, September 28, 2009

The page that still has all it's own teeth

I would just like to start this post by offering my aoplogies to my neighbours for the noise coming from my unit on Saturday afternoon. Im a Cats supporter you see, and when Chapman knocked through that goal with 1 minute to go I let out a "F@#* YEAH" that probably woke the dead! But in the end I feel that it just makes us even for keeping me up at night with their shagging and the weird talking they do during it. I mean who says "well it has been alot less crying than I am use to" during sex?

King of the Week

It is a credit to Cadel that he is able to put aside the fact the he is one ugly f@#*er and still ride like a champ. Maybe his opponents are so turned off by that big ugly melon that when he is riding next to them they would rather fall pack to the pack than have to look at it for hours on end, we will never know. So he can't win the Tour, but he is World Champion, interesting. And as his prize? He gets to wear the "Rainbow Jersey" for the entire year. Does that mean he is now riding for Team Gay now?

Dick of the Week

There were actually nominations for Fevola to be both the King and Dick of the week, but ultimately the guy is better suited to this title. I have to admit that I found all the stuff that he did at the Brownlows bloody funny, I mean he was never really offensive, when the cameras were on at least. At least he had the decency to get his pregnant wife home before he comes back and starts groping anything that breathes. But then anyone who turns up to a Mad Monday celebration with a giant dildo is oozing class!

A crying shame
Another big weekend of sport. The mighty Cats become 2009 champions; the Saints first losers. Cadel Evans becomes the first-ever Australian to secure a road race victory at the world cycling championships. All big news in itself, but what is it that has got me bugged about these two sporting events?

Well, it’s a crying shame that’s what it is! Tears. Tears in sport. Tears in men’s sports. What the f#*k is going on lately!

Federer is the world’s best when it comes to ‘tear jerks’ – win or lose. When he first cried after winning the Australian Open I thought it was OK. Now it’s a little embarrassing. Come on mate – you lost the game. And, by the way, your wife’s fat! Well maybe that’s it. When you don’t win and you know you’re going home to fat sex – that can be a little upsetting.

So, are Australia’s top sporting men a pack of wusses? Or is crying OK? Is the fact Nick Riewoldt and Co. threw away a lifetime of dedication and training in the dying minutes of an AFL Grand Final a good enough reason to cry? If they hardened the ‘F’ up maybe they wouldn’t have ended up in that situation in the first place.

And then there’s our cycling 'second-place' sensation, Cadel. Finally, he’s standing on top of a podium surrounded by hot Swiss chicks holding champagne and he’s sobbing. Maybe you'd show some real balls if you didn’t wear lycra. Well, hang on…those bike pants can be a little confronting at times.

And what about us fans. We’re not the ones out there copping a bollocking at training every day. We don’t wake up every morning with that burning ambition to be the best in the world. So are we allowed to cry? Well, I’ll be honest, I nearly cried when Lucas Neil brought Grosso down in the box in World Cup 06. I nearly cried when Johnny Wikinson kicked THAT field goal in the Rugby World Cup final. I nearly cried when I lost $500 on a ‘sure thing’ at Randwick. But I’ve never ever gone the full waterworks on a sport event. Maybe I’m not passionate enough. Or then again, maybe I’m just a real tough f#*cker!

Anyone interested?
Just thought that I'd let everyone know that I have a spare Grand Final ticket for this weekend. With the Mighty Bulldogs going out I don't really feel like going now. If any of you Eels supporters out there want it just email me at gof@#*yourself@f@#* and we can negotiate a price.
Dan the Man

Don't say I didn't warn you
So they made the Grand Final hey? The team in the the NRL with the biggest bogan supporter base bar none. Supporters that love nothing more than kicking back in their reclaimed council pick up lounge, warm VB in one hand, 4 and 20 pie in the other, pack of Winny Reds tucked up the sleeve of a flanel shirt that should have been thrown out in 1983. And you know the sickest part about them, they actually love what they are!

I just wanted to write in and offer a warning to all the dentists out there, please do not watch the grand final! I beg of you. You know they are going to do some big pans of the crowd, zooming in on the biggest collection on bogans out side of the Bathurst 1000 and I fear for the dentists health, especially those with heart conditions. Can you imagine it when they all open their mouths together to scream "c'mon Eels", there will struggle to be a full set of teeth between the lot of them, a dentists worst nightmare.

Don't be surprised if the next time you ring to make an appointment at the dentists that the receptionist says "I'm sorry, Dr. Bullock passed away last weekend, he watched the NRL Grand Final".

Show me the money
Lets start it off with Wigan v Chelsea.. 3:1 .. do i need to say more.. oh how a football fan loves to see a team of supertars be beaten and convoncingly.... time to relate back to a Boom post, Wigan v Chelsea = Leeds v Liverpool.. one only dares to dream..

Ok onto the rant.... playing football this year I know a team needs to survive in thie GEC, glabal economic crisis but when I looked up the fee's on my local FA's website I noticed $150 being the fee associated with being a team member of a club associatied with the ESFA (eastern suburbs football association) yeah my club charged me $360 for the season.... and then $60 for the presentation night.. am I playing for the wrong team or is this expected of playing in the eastern suburbs..

On to a funnier note, I have recently started taking the golf clubs out for a bash.. playing at randwick golf course wich is actually located in malabar, on the 9th hole one of only 4 holes that is not a par 3 I pull the cover off the dusty driver and take stance.. with an all mighty wallop of the little dimpled ball I look up and see it moving at quite a pace and then it starts right and right and even further right.. following the path of the ball I see the clubhouse is within range and I see the abundance of glass windows... hiding behind my bag I hear an tremendously loud noise.. fearing the worst I make my way towards the clubhouse wiht barmen and members waiting and find that it was a plastic umbrella outside that had taken the force of the
ball. even after a barage of abuse from locals and me eventually making a joke of the situation it turns out my ball was still in play so wiht a swing of the pw and a a one putt I managed to birdie the hole and beat opposition on the day by two strokes...

I think my next step should be getting skins to get me a pass on St Michaels.. I'm sure I could make my mark out there and probably get myself banned from playing agian..

Friday, September 25, 2009

The page that is full of replies

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you that send in your little "rants" because without them this blog does not exist. I know i don't manage to post them all, but that does come back to the fact that sometimes what you write just isn't good enough! Jokes aside it is great that this little side project has taken off and I hope that it continues for awhile yet. The page hasn't been in existence for 3 months yet and this weekend will see the 1,000 visitor, so to that person we will have give out a special prize.....or not. Anyway enough chatter, thanks again and don't forget to follow Trent's Tips for this week!

Trent's Top Tips
Somebody call the Fire Brigade cos this man is on fire! Just an expected 100% return from last weeks tips, and plenty of cash in my pocket at least. Follow me to the promised land people, I'll be your captain. Some very tasty games for us this weekend and here is what I think.
Tip 1 - The Bulldogs are absolute specials this week. Every man and his dog, excuse the pun, has been on the Eels bandwagon this week but they are no hope. The Eels are very much like the Dragons, look how many "fans" come out of the woodwork when they start winning. But not tonight. Depending on who you bet with there is a thing called a "Tri-bet" for tonight's game, look into it!

Tip 2 - Geelong, and by plenty. I would seriously look at the start that they are giving St Kilda and be tempted to have a punt on that if you like the added excitement.

As is my motto "Multi it up people". Throw the 2 of them together along with the Storm to add a bit more value
Happy Tipping

All Sydney fans are dicks
I traveled to the Sydney v Newcastle game on the weekend to watch the mighty Jets in action and felt like calling the Police to report a robbery, we were the better team and came away with nothing, but that's football. There were a couple of things that really stuck out for me from the day and funnily enough neither had anything to do with the game.

While i was walking into the ground I passed a table set up with a lady in a Sydney jersey behind it. "Would you like a free pie?" she said to me, now I'm like any other fat man and I love a good pie so I walked towards her. She then goes on to inform me that if I sign up for Sydney FC membership today that I get today's ticket and a pie for free. I looked down at my Newcastle Jets jersey, then looked at her, then looked down at my jersey again, then walked off. Did she really think that she was going to get a sale there? That got me thinking though, how Aussie is it to offer a free meat pie with a membership!

So the final whistle is moments away, Sydney would win the game and the Jets fans were quite rightly pissed off. Then from out of nowhere shit hits the fan. Well for a moment I thought that it was going to be like Donkey Kong, a good old fashion football crowd fight. But no, it was just 1 simple idiot in a Sydney jersey come to take the piss out of us. I thought his mates wouldn't be far behind, but they never came. Cue at least 20 Jets fans flying in from every angle to get a piece of the halfwit. Only a few good shoves into the seats and ground were managed before the security realised what was happening and managed to save the dickheads life. As I left the stadium I walked past the said dickhead having a ticket written out for inciting violence! hahaha quality!

Solid question
Just wanted to know if this Trento fella is for real or do you just post his tips after they win? I admit that I sometimes don't have the chance to check this site until later on the weekend so this is where my suspicion comes from. If he is for real I suppose I better start paying attention, but he seems alittle too good to be true.

They still exist
My goodness, there I was thinking that they had gone the same way as the Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo bird, but the last post proves me wrong. There are still people out there that support Leeds! You could have knocked me down with a feather! So your Leeds Utd fan hey Boom, wow, hows that going for you? Do you get some weird satellite feed from the UK to watch the games or do you follow the games from live score updates on the Internet? hahahahaha my goodness you must have wet the bed when you saw the ad for the Leeds v Liverpool game. But alas, you shouldn't have wasted your time, you should have slept in, you should have thrown your Leeds shirt in the bin years ago. Time to find a new team Boom, and I can suggest a quality team for you, a team that you might actually see on the TV from time to time, Liverpool FC. Come join the fun!

Gullsy, mate, when your mum tells you that you are a handsome bloke and that girls should be falling over each other to marry you, that's sarcasm. When you missus tells you that your the best root she has ever had, that's sarcasm. So yes, when I said that we should be proud to be Australian again i was using sarcasm.

We did win the series 6-1 though, that's not to be scoffed at!

Lord of the rings extra?
I know it's a bit late, but I felt the need to reply to Sponge Bob's rant last week. He seems to feel that Sydney can't handle a 2nd A-League, what drug is he on? The proposed team is set to be based in the heartland of football in this country, the western suburbs of Sydney, they could have picked no better place. If you build it, they will come, the people out here are made for football and the biggest things that are stopping us from going to Sydney FC games are the travel, and the fact that everyone who supports them are stuck up twats!

I couldn't really understand where the fella was coming from until I got towards the end of the rant.......he is from"The Shire". How typical of a Hobbit to ark up about something like this! He is probably just pissed off that the team isn't going to be based in "The Shire" and he has to crossed the bridge to watch football. Mate if you guys could handle your Sharks better, maybe you would have had a chance. Thankfully they are giving the chance to people who will make it work.

Oh and go the Dogs!
Dan the Man

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The page that wants it's own 7mins of added time

Welcome to the start of the week edition of YEAHMATEGO. It was a cracking weekend for all you sport lovers out there with plenty on offer to fulfill even the hungriest of you. I hope you have all started to pay attention to Trent's Top Tips, the big man got 100% the weekend just gone and would have lined your pockets nicely if you had payed attention. If not you better jump on the bandwagon before you get left behind in poverty, the rest of us are off to Richtown!

King of the Week

He should have won the Brownlow back in 2007, then was ripped off again in 2008. Ablett has been the best player in the AFL for the past 3 seasons and it is about time he got the credit he deserves. By also giving him the crown for this week it gives us a good excuse to slip in a picture of his fine looking lady in as well! Go the Cats!

Dick of the Week

It is deffinately more of a Dunce award this week, but one that is richly deserved. Everyone has a mate, or knows a bloke that is a Dragons supporter, they are everywhere. And after a dry spell that stretches further back than the drought in the Simpson desert, every die hard Dragon supporter was shouting from the rooftops that this was going to be their year. Well I'm sorry guys, not only is it not your year, you now have the honor of being the first Minor Premiers to lose two straight finals. Your story has a distinct Liverpool feel to it!

Clash of the Titans
I thought I was dreaming as I was watching the extraordinary Manchester derby last night. But not because of the 12 minutes of injury time (they always that much at Old Trafford). No, I saw a promo that lit up my heart.

Wednesday morning. Carling Cup. Leeds United vs Liverpool at Elland Road Live on Fox Sports!

Ahh the memories. I remember Mark ‘who ate all the pies’ Viduka scoring four goals against the Merseysiders at Elland Road in 2000. One of the classics. And for a beaten down and bloodied Leeds supporter, win or lose, this will just be a chance to forget the negligence and gross overspending and pretend like it was only a nightmare...if only for 90 minutes. You have to love football.

He's not hard
Sitting back watching the Union on Saturday evening (yeah yeah i know, but I had nothing else to do) and I was taken back by something the commentators said. Now I don't normally take any notice of the dribble that comes out of the Rugby commentators mouths, they can be as bad as big Darryl Eastlake at times, trying to make a pitifully boring sport sound exciting. However their nonsense found a new low on Saturday with this comment "Richie McCaw has made a massive 12 tackles tonight, what a truly wonderful effort". Was her serious or taking the piss? Honestly I need to know, I mean it was very late in the game and they seem to believe that 12 tackles in 70mins is a wonderful achievement. Nathan Hindmarsh makes 12 tackles in the first 5mins of a League game, and yes I realise that they are different games but give me a break. Shit I reckon I could make 12 tackles against the Wallabies, its not like they are a good side!

So our Aussie cricketers have finished their failed tour of England. Yes, we did whip the Poms in the one-dayers, but our ultimate goal was to retain the Ashes, so that’s why I’ve labelled the tour as a failure.

But this isn’t an opinion about the England tour. My opinion this week centres not so much on the Aussies’ next tournament, which happens to be the Champions Trophy, but its location - South Africa. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t South Africa host the World Cup in 2003? What about previously? India hosted the Champions Trophy in 2006, yet they hosted the 1996 World Cup (along with Sri Lanka and Pakistan) and will be hosting the 2011 World Cup. Before that, England hosted the World Cup in 1999 and the Champions Trophy five years later.

So my question is this? When was the last time Australia and New Zealand hosted either of these tournaments? 1992. And herein is my point. For the last 17 years we have been short-changed by the ICC in hosting a major tournament whereas other countries have been given multiple tournaments in a shorter space of time. Granted, we will be hosting the World Cup in 2015 (we would have hosted the 2011 tournament if not for the financial powerhouse that is Asia), but that is still a 23 year gap. Given that Australia has dominated both Test and One-day arenas for at least the last ten years, we should have been given a better deal.
The Dazzler

Who wants to see a chick flick?
I checked on Fox Sports for the starting time of the AFL Semi Final between Geelong and Collingwood on Saturday night and it informed me that the first bounce was at 7:30, great I thought, perfect timing for me. So I get myself ready to sit back and watch the game, flick it over to Channel 10 and what do I find? A fuckin Hilary Duff movie with an hour to play. This is what I hate most about the free to air stations in this country, they have a complete lack of respect for the viewing public. It was the Semi Final of a national competition and they felt it was OK to telecast the game 1 hour later. Sure you have to pay that bit extra to get Foxtel, but fuck me it's worth it. They know what the sports fans of this country expect, and they deliver it.

Oh and did anyone actually see the begining of the game? How many seagulls were on that pitch! Bloody hell anyone would have thought they had spread $20 worth of hot chips out onto the field just before the start of play!
Boy George

For the love of the game
Alone, and bored on a Saturday morning so what do you do? Flick the TV on and find out what sport is on of course! Now I am not one that goes much on the Americans and their sport, but you can never ever question their "love of the game". For the past 2 Saturday mornings I have caught some College Football games on Fox Sports, and hell am I impressed! Last week they had 100,000 spectators at the game, now this is College Football people, not even the NFL! This weekend they had 72,000 and the stadium didnt even have any seating at one end. Can you imagine how many people turn up to watch lets say Sydney Uni vs NSW uni in a game of Rugby Union? hahaha you would be lucky if the canteen lady is there.

Now these fans don't just turn up either, they are bloody crazy! All painted up, novelty sized hands galore, ladies wearing next to nothing. Makes you wish our University system was half as good! Got me wishing that I had been brought up in the US just so I could go to College there, I wonder if it would be like it is in the movies? All the parties and sex.......who am I kidding, my experience would probably have been more Revenge of the Nerds than American Pie.

Whenever I think of College Football all I can see is that Simpsons episode where they are in the carpark outside the game and they turn up and everyone is cooking food out of their boots. Bart and Lisa want to know where their food is, and Homer gives them a plate and tells them to go and steal from everyone else. Good times.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The page that will be in the away section this weekend

A very good weekend eve to you all. A few of you seem very fired up over recent comments in both the media and on this site. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy debate, thats what this site is all about. I am very much looking forward to sitting back with a few cold ones this weekend and enjoying the football that will be on offer. Be sure to have your TV tuned into the Syndey v Newcastle game this Sunday afternoon, yours truly will be there decked out in the gold of the Jets in the away section. I am looking forward to cheering the boys on to a massive 7-0 win!

Trent's Top Tips
Hello, Trent here, but I'm sure you have already figured that out! Well some how I continue to keep my average up, a healthy 50%. Back in my younger days batting in the La Perouse Public School top order I had an average of 69, lets see if I can improve over the coming weeks and get myself above that.

This week I like the Eels minus 9 against the Titans, the way Parra are playing at the moment they will cover that start quite easily.

I also like the Western Bulldogs with the 18 point start against the Saints. As always multi the 2 together to increase your return.

In reply to Jason from the last post in regards to the Dragons chances of winning the Premiership, mate I nearly agree with you. You see I was starting to warm to them this week until I did a bit of research and found out that IF they manage to beat the Broncos away from home this week, they then have to back up against the Storm in Melbourne. No chance! Keep your money mate.

How stupid are the FFA....
"FOOTBALL Federation Australia is due to announce by the end of the week that a western Sydney team will join the A-League next season.
After almost nine months of deliberations about the 12th licence, which at one stage included bids of varying credibility from Tasmania, Wollongong and Canberra as well as three separate western Sydney groups, it is understood the FFA has this week finally made its choice.

Western Sydney will be joined by a second Melbourne club in an expanded competition from season 2010-11 - meaning the A-League will have grown from eight to 12 clubs within the space of two years."

Already expanding the empire without a stable base - seems scaringly similar to Babcock & Brown haha ;)
But 2 Sydney sides??? They can barely get 10,000 to the FC games - and now they are going to saturate us with another??
And its not like the quality of players is demanding new teams - its just going to bring the whole already low standard down further.

"Meanwhile, Sydney FC remain in the hunt for the ''right'' guest player, but former world player of the year Luis Figo continues to be ruled out unless he is prepared to move forward his plans for a professional comeback.

Figo, 36, effectively retired at the end of the last European season, when he completed a spell with Italian champions Inter Milan, but through his manager, Dutchman Rob Jansen, the Portuguese superstar - once the most expensive player in the world - has made it clear he would consider a guest spell in Australia"

And WTF???? They think a 36 yr old Figo will get bums on seats?? I'd rather watch Brendan Gan from Sutho.
Sponge Bob

I couldn't help myself...
Mick. I just wanted to ask if you were being sarcastic in your recent blog? Was it a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’? Maybe you were havin’ a laugh? Surely…

Seriously Mick, Australia has just lost the Tri-Nations, again. We also threw away the Ashes. And here you are holding your head high after we won a game of netball. Netball? After reading that comment, I’m not too sure if you actually have a c@#* to readjust. In fact, I think Caster Semenya has more balls than you!

From now on Mick, could you please ensure all moments of premature excitement are left to the confines of your bedroom…Thank you.

I agree
First up to "The Horse" from the last post I am very much interested as to why you have the nickname? Is it due to the fact that you have a face like a horse? Or that you have been blessed by God with an extra large third leg? mmmm On 2nd thoughts never mind, I'd rather not know.

Regardless of the story behind your name, you do bring up a very good point, that supporting a football team is like a marriage. You my friend are spot on, this is something that I have been trying to explain to League Heads for years. They find it hard to understand why we Football people are so mad.

You see if my team suffer a defeat on the weekend I am miserable for days, it hits me hard. Mrs Harmo knows that it is best to just stay out of my way and she NEVER EVER tries to tell me it's ok, well she did once, never again. You see I am so emotionally invested in Liverpool Football Club that they ultimately run my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Yes, the humble pie was delicious!
First of all, as a shattered Manly supporter, I have to congratulate Brisbane, Parramatta, Canterbury and Melbourne on their victories over the weekend (thus, eliminating my team from the title race), especially Parramatta on their courageous win against the Dragons on Sunday, and the Storm on Friday night. Manly were terrible, but even it they played at their best, they would not have beaten them anyway. They were just too good.

Roll on 2010.

I guess one of the hot topics going round at the moment (which seems to happen at this time every year) is the pros and cons of the McIntyre System in its current form. For what it’s worth, I think the AFL system (1v4, 2v3, 5v8, and 6v7) is far superior as the top four teams are guaranteed of a double chance, whereas the teams three and four in the NRL can theoretically be eliminated after the first weekend which I believe is grossly unfair. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me?

I’ll give my tips for next weekend’s games later in the week. In the meantime, I’m just watching the 2008 Grand Final on DVD – takes me back to the days when the world made sense…
The Dazzler

PS. As bad as Manly and Newcastle’s exit from the premiership is, nothing compares to the tragedy surrounding Manly forward Glenn Hall and his wife giving birth to a stillborn baby. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The page that would have been throwing bottles with the rest of them!

This post was set up to be published on Monday night, but due to issues that I can't explain the server wouldn't let me post. So I apologise if some of the material seems a little out of date. I'm sure Trento would love to be able to post his tips a couple of days late, but I still reckon he wouldn't manage to get them all right anyway! The awards have been handed out and I have a feeling that the winners wont come as much of a surprise.

King of the Week

He won the Dally M on the back of a magic run of form towards the back end of the season and then went on to show why some now call him the best player in the world right now against the Dragons (they do love finals don't they!). Can the Eels win the Premiership on his back?

Dick of the Week

Doesn't matter what club you support, there seems a universal dislike for the wanker that is Adebayor. He claimed that Arsenal fans didn't show him enough respect, he claimed that they didn't appreciate him, bollocks to that, he acted like a twat, so he was treated like a twat. Then for him to celebrate scoring that goal by running the length of the pitch so that he could slide right in front of the Arsenal fans just goes to show how little brain power he has. The idiot caused a riot in which a steward was knocked out, now I'm not going public endorse what the fans did (privately I applaud them), but the major amount of blame has to fall at Adebayor's feet. This is Adebayor's 2nd Dick of the Week award!

An understanding
As a Man Utd fan I love nothing more than seeing Le Arsenal and Man City getting beaten, so it was with mixed emotions that I sat down on Saturday night to watch the game. Ultimately I would have been happy to see a draw with both teams kicking the absolute shit out of each other, but alas. Well I did get the latter, with that Adebayor fool drawing blood from the face of van Persie with a senseless attack, I hope he gets a few weeks for that. Not because I feel sorry for Arsenal, more because I don't want him to be available for the game this weekend against United.

I must also express my sympathy for the Arsenal fans (hard to believe I know, first and last time). The way that Adebayor reacted after scoring that goal was way way over the top. I understand that he was excited and wanted to stick it to the supporters that had booed him all game, but sometimes you have to wonder at the brain capacity of some of these guys. I know that if Tevez was to do the same thing this coming weekend that the United fans would have the same reaction as the Arsenal fans.

Some people seem to think that maybe we football supporters take things a little bit too personally, but they just don't seem to understand. Supporting a team is a bit like a marriage, in that you are committing to that team for life, they are your family and all you want in life is to see them succeed. So when someone treats your club with contempt, shows no loyalty at all and moves to another club, it is like they have cheated on you. That is where this hatred comes from, its like they have left you and are f@#*ing someone else!
The Horse

Full of facts
A few things came out of the United game on the weekend that I just felt the need to shared.

Fact One - Ryan Giggs is the greatest player to wear the Manchester United shirt. I know, it's a big call, but to have reached 700 games is a massive effort, especially in today's world where the "next big thing" is always around the corner and at least half his age. So to have kept his place in the side shows just how great the man is, then to score a cracking goal on top of that was the icing on the cake! May his 5 o'clock shadow forever grace the hallow turf that is Trafford

Fact 2 - Paul Scholes would have to be the worst tackling midfielder in world football bar none. I know it is late in his career and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but bloody hell u'd think by now that he would have got his shit together. Every time he goes to ground I wince with anticipation that he will kill some one and be sent off again. Thankfully he has scored some cracking goals over his career and I will be left with those memories instead of images of him sliding in 10 seconds late and taking someones head off. Remember that volley he scored from Beckham's corner?

How good is he really?
Finals time is here again, and the Dragons are losing again. It's a bit like death and taxes, the three are inevitable. Now it is time for the "mighty Wayne Bennett" to earn his stripes and show us how good he really is. There is a mindset within the Dragons as a whole that they can't win finals, he needs to change that.

You couldn't have scripted it any better either, with the do or die game in Brisbane, against his old club. If they are able to roll the Broncos I reckon they will be within a shout of winning the thing as a whole. I know a lot of people have written them off, and with good reason, but I just think that if the momentum that will be caused by winning at Suncorp will be hard to stop. You can't buy the confidence that a win up there will create. I think I might even go and have a couple of coins on them winning the Premiership now, before the odds go down. Wonder if that Trento fella reckons they are any good!

Anyone watching?
It wasn't that long ago that we Aussies were walking with our heads held very low indeed. We were losing to just about everyone in every sport imaginable. I mean we even lost the world's fastest hermaphrodite title when that thing from South Africa knocked Cathy Freeman off the perch!

Fast forward to now and things have changed, we have restored a bit of pride in the cricket with us taking an unbeatable lead in the oneday series, which we all know means WAY more than those pointless Ashes! The Wallabies actually won a game and scored more than 1 try, wonders never cease! Even the Netball girls have notched a few wins to continue the winning streak.

So I'd just like to raise my ice cold KB tinny in a toast to the return of Australian sport and call for my fellow Australians to bust out the Chisel Cd's, slip on the double pluggers, scratch your arse and readjust your c@#*, if you have one and walk the streets with pride again. We are back people!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The page that wishes it had both

The finals are now well underway but they seem to have taken the back seat in the media and most of your minds as well. Trento returns to see if he can continue his fine run of tipping, and hopes that Craig at least can line his pockets again. There is an interesting proposal for a special Olympics and a rather disturbing insight into the private life of a twisted individual!

Trent's Top Tips
Well isn't there some pressure on me this week, lucky that God blessed me with the biggest shoulders in the known world and I am able to carry the load. Goodness knows that I have to carry everyone at work day in day out so I'm more than use to it! Anyway enough big noting and onto the tips for this week.

Tip 1 - Pretty straight forward this one, Bulldogs to beat the Knights on Saturday night. Sure they are quite short in the market at the moment, but a win is a win in my book. They are giving 7.5 point start which could be worth a shout as well.

Tip 2 - Adelaide to beat Collingwood in the AFL. Not much of an Aussie Rules man, but I think the Crows are a good thing this weekend.

As ever don't be afraid to multi the 2 tips together to give a greater return. Oh and to Craig, I'm glad that you have been having success with my tips, I just hope your this nice if I start having a bad run!

Wishing for a fall
Anyone else been keeping a bit of an eye on the World Cup qualifiers from around the world? Now I know that Australia has already made it and alot of people have now turned off until next year but there has been plenty of results to keep at least me interested. The main one for me is the current position that the powerhouse that is Argentina find themselves in. Currently 5th they are outside the automatic qualifying spots, and with the team in 6th not far behind. When will people learn that just because you were a good player it doesn't mean that you will make a great coach. Maradonna must have them hitting the Big Macs and snorting a few lines of coke before the games these days. I in fact don't really think he was that good of a player!

Then there is Portugal, if qualifying was to stop right now, they don't go to South Africa. Given my thoughts of Ronaldo this brings a smile to my face actually. But just think, this World Cup could be without arguably the 2 best players in the world in Messi and Ronaldo. I'm one fella hoping that this is the case!

Señor I will eat my own shirt if we fail to make the World Cup, and have you seen the size of my shirt?

Give "it" a fair go
Your immediate thoughts when you saw this "female" sprinter the other week were "there is no way that is a woman". I know that in conversations I had with friends we were all pretty confident that she was either on a massive amount of elephant strength drugs or she was born a bloke and had the old snip and shove. This process, so I am told, involves the surgeon "peeling" the dick like a banana then shoving it back up inside. Makes me grab my jewels in terror just thinking about it.

So it was no surprise when reports were leaked that she was in fact born with both male and female reproductive organs. It does however create a more delicate situation than if she was on drugs or made the change herself. I feel sorry for her/him especially now the beast that is the media have sunk their dirty claws into the story. She/He has worked her/his arse off to become a world class athlete and now it seems there is no real class that she can compete in, or is there?

I propose that a special Olympics be held for hermaphrodites. Wouldn't it be great to see Caster Semenya (that's her name in case u were wondering) lining up in the 100m sprint against Lady GAGA, Amelie Mauresmo, Jon Bon jovi and Serena Williams. It would be some sight let me tell you! Then if you threw big Matt Shervington into the mix you would have more meat on thigh action than a butcher!

I guess the thing is if you were to ever tell this Caster Semenya to go f@#* herself, she could. Food for thought really.

I want the ban to cover me as well
When I heard the news this week that jockey's around the country went on strike over the new whipping laws I admit to feeling no sympathy for their case at all. If anything I would like the ban to encompass more than just horses.

You see the lovely Mrs Harmo enjoys a few of the more "taboo" things in the bedroom, and don't get me wrong I know that I am fortunate to have found a woman that is very open minded when it comes to the bedroom. You see Mrs Harmo has a thing for whips, and not just receiving them, but giving them as well. Now when this piece of equipment was first introduced into our bedroom I was all for the excitement of a new toy, but soon it grows tiring, along with my poor arse. I am considering joining the horses union and fighting for the decrease in the use of the whip, especially in the last 200m, cos f@#* me she can give that thing a hammering, and unlike a horse, the more you whip me, the slower I go.

The worst time was when I forgot the safety word, it was like I'd stolen a loaf of bread in the 1800's and been flogged as punishment. Just say pineapple, pineapple.........

The case against
If this ban goes through for the "allowance of whips" in the last 200m it will turn the racing industry into a joke. My major concern is a personal one, if I'm on a horse that is making a move from the back of the field with 200m to go, the last thing I want my jockey worrying about is how many times he has whipped the horse. I want him to flog the f@#*er all the way to the post if it means the horse will win.

This new proposed rule is also going to present the jockey's with another problem. Let's say that they are heading to the post and are neck and neck with a major rival in a massive race. The jockey has a decision, does he use the whip the legal amount of times or does he just say "f@#* it" and hammer the crap out of the thing to get it over the line. The latter option will of course mean that he will be fined and suspended but only a fool will think that the owners wont be "looking after" the said jockey, especially if it was a major win. The new rule has too many flaws.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The page that wants a "Mad Monday" of it's own

So the famed month that is September is here, the month where legends are made, where trophies are won. Well for the lucky few that have won the right to play for them anyway. For the others a hangover will have to do. You have just got to love Mad Monday's, they never fail to provide a talking point. It has to be said that at least this year it seems that they have managed to keep most of it in house, and have decided that bashing each other up is more than enough release. Lets be honest though, who hasn't wanted to knock their coach out over the years, Fa'alogo your living the dream man!

King of the Week

Brisbane Lions were 30 points down with 16mins to go, kicked the last 6 goals of the game and won by 7 points, impressive.
All this on top of Chris Judd trying to stop them by using "pressure points behind the ears", which would have to be the best excuse for an eye gauge ever!

Dick of the Week

The diver has shown his ugly head...AGAIN! Just days after claiming that he was an "honest" footballer, and that he didn't dive, all backed up by John Terry claiming "English players don't dive", Rooney dives again and wins a penalty. The fact that he now admits that he dived just makes him even more of a dick!

Show us your tips
Under two minutes remain as the ball goes high into the air and comes down safety. Then a wascally wabbit steals said ball from the jaws of a shark. OneTwoThreeFourFive. Last tackle. I hold my breath…
As the game ends I sit in silence for a moment so as to properly grasp the situation…then.
“Those f@#*in’ Sharks. One f@#*in’ tackle!” I yell as I hurl a cushion towards the screen displaying the Cheshire grin of Craig Wing.
Mrs Boom stands up and leaves the room. Not out of disgust. She simply knows this tirade will not end quickly.

Now I don’t support either team but, you see, I tipped the Sharks – I was practically given a ‘yeahmatego guarantee’. But this wasn’t just one little tipping point. Had the Sharks held on to win, I would have finished outright second in my NRL Footy Tipping Competition and won a cool $380. Instead, I finished fourth and out of the money.
“Imagine how the Sharks players feel.” remarked a naïve Mrs Boom later in the night.
“F@#* the Sharks, I’ll never tip them again.” was my swift reply.

Are you comfortable Edwin?

No manbag, but this pic does give a reason to why Van der Sar likes them!

Also follow this link to watch a quality interview with Edwin

Gay rumors starting here?
Just wondering what Brendan Fevola's fascination with dildos is? Every Mad Monday the guy seems to be waving one around!

Simple Thank you
Can you please pass on my heart felt thanks to this "Trento" fella! I have placed money on his tips for the past 2 weeks and while not really expecting much from them I have been pleasantly surprised with the outcome. I am looking forward to what he has for this weeks edition and I will be keen to have a fair whack with the winnings from the past tips. One day if I ever meet this bloke I will have to buy him a beer, keep up the good work Trento!

Quite Humorous
When I heard the news that Chelski are to be giving a ban that will stop them signing any new players until 2011 I must admit I was pissing myself laughing. This is a penalty that will really hurt a club that lives on signing the best and brightest players that money can buy, and taking this away from them is a quality punishment.

If you have a close look at their squad you will see alot of walking frames within the dressing room so it would come as no surprise that at the end of this season they would be looking to bring in fresh blood to help bolster the team. I for one am glad that they wont be able to, sure it will help the Arsenal, but this is a lesson that they needed to learn, they can't just bully other clubs because they have money.

Word is that when the news broke about the ban, Fat Frank Lampard thought that Chelski players were banned from all fast food restaurants and was last seen on top of the London Eye threatening to jump!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The page that is for and against

We have posts from both sides of the arguments today, including what could be the first love affair started here on YEAHMATEGO. Trent's tips are back after a very successful week last week, can he keep up this form?
Below is what might turn out to be the most iconic picture from this years Premier League. The fact that even United fans were clapping speaks volumes. Sorry Browny I couldn't find a picture of Van der Sar and his manbag, but I did see it!

Wishful thinking
Was I the only one hoping that Wenger fell from the wall he was standing on at Trafford?

Trent's Top Tips
What a way to get off the mark hey? The people wanted a top tip and Trent delivered! I hope that plenty of you out there took my advice and whooped into the Mighty Rabbits at the $7 like I did. If you did, can I have a lend? I've already lost my winnings.
Anyway onto this weeks tips.

Tip 1 - I really like Manly this week to beat the Titans by 13+, and for the more adventurous of you I would seriously consider backing them at 19+. Several weeks ago I put couple of pineapples on Manly to win the comp, and I'm still very confident. The Dazzler is going to love me!

Tip 2 - If you like to live life on the edge I would put a little all up on Manly to beat the Titans 13+ into the Broncos to beat the Raiders 13+. Don't say I didn't tell you!

Short and Sweet
Never has my scroll wheel done so much work in so little time.
Dazzler I’d like to paraphrase Pascal, I think it was, when he wrote “I am sorry for the length of this letter, but I had not the time to write a shorter one." I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Take a leaf out of that snob Gullsy’s book, if you’re going to make it long at least entertain me.

Standing up for the Dazzler
Now I know that alot of people have been having a go at this Dazzler bloke over the past few weeks about the length of his rants, and I'm sure there will be a few more come in after his last effort, and maybe they have a point. However, I for one would like to stand up for him. Have you guys even bothered to read the stuff he is writing? This guy has an obvious passion for all sports and his knowledge of them is there for everyone to see. It is not like he is just spitting out shit that has no basis. He is putting forward solid points of view and I for one find them quite interesting.

Normally in the life of males the longer something is the better, and maybe Dazzler is taking this to the extreme. Maybe he is also compensating for some lack of length elsewhere, and if he is so be it. I look forward to the next insight into the mind of Dazzler with my coffee in one hand and caffeine tablets in the other.
(no I'm not Dazzler's mum in disguise)

Diving ??? Only at The Emirates
Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of diving, but there is no way Rooney dived. “Bruno” made a clumsy attempt to get the ball, and when the keeper dives in like that and doesn’t make contact with the ball he’s fair game. All Rooney has to do is make contact with the ball (which he did) and let physics do the rest. It’s called smart play. Just waiting for the right moment to tap the ball away knowing the moron keeper is going to be sliding in uncontrollably. He doesn’t even have to do anything except wait for the right moment to kick the ball over the goal line. In my opinion that’s not a dive, he just outsmarted “Bruno”.

Another pet hate of mine is when some slow ass defender comes in late, you don’t get out of the way, let him hit you to get a free kick, then you get accused of diving because you didn’t “avoid” his late tackle. What a joke.

Sorry my contribution is so small, but unlike The Dazzler, I have other things to do.
Mr. Clark
Responsible Users of Cocaine FC

The other side of the argument
I have to say that I completely agree with Steveo from the last post. Now don't think for one minute that I am another Arsenal supporter with sour grapes, because I'm actually a Liverpool fan. I mean the last thing we need to hear is another sob story about how the entire league is against Arsenal, we all know that they are against Liverpool anyway, but I digress. My issue is that Wayne Rooney dived to win that penalty and the only people that will deny this fact are Man Utd supporters.

Now I have no problem with what Rooney was doing in principle, he was trying to suck the keeper into making contact, that was the smart part. The f@#*ing dumb part is the moment his small brain decides he will start to fall to the ground before contact is made. The keeper was always going to make contact, he would have been brought down, it would have been a penalty. Why go down early? Well it is because he is a cheat, plain and simple, he was looking for the penalty and he was going to make sure he got it.

F@#* I hate Man Utd