Monday, June 20, 2011

Leader Board as of 20/6/2011

Well if we thought last week was the time of movers and shakers, this week has seen an earthquake go through the leader board!
The Union has entered the finals, so congratulations to those of you who's team has made it through, and also to those who selected the QLD Reds to win the conference. Bad news for those of you who took the reigning champs the Bulls to win it, they have failed to even make the finals! OUCH!

Big pat on the back to those of you who selected McIlroy to win the US Open, sticking with him after his dog's breakfast of a last round at The Masters was a big call, but he has paid back your faith.

Round of applause this week goes to Karrissa who has jumped 12 spots with some excellent tipping in recent weeks.
The Half Moon Bay boys continue their charge up the ladder and now find themselves in the top 10.
Dane Miller has shrugged off his pedestrian start to be mid table after holding the rest of us up early in the piece.
Also special mention goes to Neale who is the first tipster to break 100 points, that being said, the amount of study this bloke does on sports he would want to be winning this thing!

Oh and if you see Mushy Mason around the traps be sure to give him a bit of a tap on the bum, maybe even a high 5, as he feels unappreciated in his tipping efforts this year. Love you Mushy!

Tipster Points Total
1 Neale Landers 102
2 Orron Hart 98
3 Shannon Johns 95
4 Trent White 92
5 John Petkovic 81
6 Half Moon Bay 80
7 Adam Skinner 76
8 Bobby Skinner 76
9 Aaron Fluke 75
10 Steven Hales 75
11 Ron Keighran 74
12 Karrissa Armstrong 73
13 Stevie Dean 72
14 Mushy Mason 72
15 Dane Miller 71
16 Kate Skinner 70
17 Adam Keighran 69
18 Darren Lovett 69
19 Denise Chapman 68
20 Steve Mallyon 67
21 Fredrick Fabris 67
22 Jason Croucher 65
23 Wesley Saunders 65
24 Luke Skinner 62
25 Gavin Elkin 60
26 Pud Croucher 59
27 Fernando Perez 58
28 Gary Cutler 58
29 Steve Dickson 57
30 Josh Belette 56
31 James Telfer 55
32 Nathan Lindsay 53
33 Ricardo Davalinha 52
34 Sam Wearne 49
35 Brendon Warren 42
36 Johnathan Van Veen 41
37 Paul Nightingale 39
38 Todd Palmer 35
39 Jez Wearne 34
Picking Favourites 78

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