Friday, June 26, 2009

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I think the less said about the Origin game the better. NSW have massive problems that can't be fixed this year. What a horrible night of sport it was for me, the Jets were handed a football lesson, they were so bad that I ended up watching more of the League which is very rare for me. Anyway keep the posts coming in, the more the merrier and thats what this site is here for, to help you get it off your chest.

Winners are grinners
I hear the NSW Blues have just announced that next year's shirt sponsor will be Tampax. A spokesman for Tampax said "To sponsor a bunch of c@#*s going through a bad period is exactly what our company is all about".


The Dwarf Davis

There is always one
Watching the Jets game on Wednesday got me thinking about the teams that you love and the fact that in these teams there always seems to be a player or two that you really hate. Its funny when you think about it really, I mean these are players that are playing for the club that you follow unconditionally and yet everything that they do causes your blood to boil. For me the name at the top of this list is Eboue at Arsenal, I know he isn't liked very much by opposition fans but I think that I hate him alot more. I just cant stand the guy and I have to confess to actually loving every minute of the game where he was booed off the park as it made me realise that I wasn't alone in my hatred.

He isn't the first player at Arsenal that got me seeing red, and I'm sure he won't be the last. A few years back Arsenal were playing Chelski in the FA Cup final and when the teams were announced I found out that my least favorite player, Ray Parlour, was getting a start and boy did I go off. Well my old man just sat back and said "Don't be so harsh, he will probably score and win us the game" "Not likey Bobby, if this simpleton scores, ill kiss the TV screen". Needless to say I tasted glass that night, The Arsenal won and you know what, I still hated OOO AHH Ray Parlour.

Everyone has a player that they hate at their favorite clubs, who is yours?


Good to see
I know that Crocker got a few good shots in, but wasn't it great to see Poore get that one quality shot right on the end of that wankers chin. Could not have happened to a nicer bloke really, damm I can't stand that guy, absolute scum of the earth. Closely followed by Cameron Smith, I hate him too. He would have to be one of the dirtiest players to never get penalised in a game, the shit that he gets away with makes me sick. The list goes on but I may as well just admit that I am a very sour NSW man and finish by saying that I hate all Queenslanders!


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