Monday, June 29, 2009

The post with a woman's touch

It's great to see a woman's touch being brought to the blog. With sport often being seen as a "macho" thing I find it very interesting to hear a woman's point of view on anything sport. It's also better than hearing her nagging about not taking the garbage out or how you don't "express your emotions enough". So welcome Denise, we look forward to more posts from our English correspondent! Also keep your opinions coming guys, love to hear them!

Not happy Jan
It's the weekend after origin, I need to put my tips in and I'm still fuming about the game. My head is not right and I need to make points up on the leaders. In my Queensland hating mood I'm thinking to myself, bugger the Broncos, Storm and Titans I'm not going to tip them. However as Friday 5pm draws closer I get cold feet and end up tipping all 3! True to form 2 of them lose and it just goes to show you can't trust a Queenslander!


The hate game
In response to Skins topic of players we hate in the teams we love, I would just like to put forward the name of Brett Kimmorley. Now I would call myself a massive Bulldog's fan (No I am not of Lebanese decent) but I have never liked Kimmorley when he was playing for other clubs and when we signed him for this year, regardless of how it seems to be working I just cant bring myself to like the guy. I guess it just boils down to the fact I havn't forgiven him for "that pass" during Origin!


and some more.....
Just thought i'd write in with my players we hate from the teams we love. I'm a massive Newcastle United fan and i'd like to put forward the entire 1st team from last season. Damm I love the club, but those pricks can all rot in hell, f@*#@*s!

Toon Man

For the love of one's country
As an Aussie living in London we like to stick it to the poms as much as we can. Unfortunately, we as a nation, seem to be going down the gurgler. I have sat through the dismal 20/20 cricket, the ridicule of the rugby 7’s, and the only joy that I have had all year is cheering for Manly in the rugby world challenge. Which I assure will never happen again. I’m a Broncos kid.
I was at Wimbledon yesterday, sitting on Henman hill (Murray mountain will never take off). And along with the thousands of other Aussie there, I have never cheered louder for Lleyton Hewitt before. So it seems all hope of redeeming ourselves as a sporting nation rest on him meeting and beating Andy Murray, and of course the ashes, which no one is game to start sledging about. C’mon Australia. Get your act together! I don’t care what you have to do, but I’m not leaving the UK a loser!
Honestly. I hate Lleyton. But I soooooo want him to win so I can have a go at the poms!


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