Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short and Sweet

Quick post tonight as I am overly tired. The combination of early mornings for work and a new baby really take it out of you. But I never complain in front of my wife, oh no, she has it alot worse than me. However it doesn't make me less tired! Anyway heaps of sport going on, and a massive weekend to come, so get ranting!

Also just to let you know YEAHMATEGO will be starting a Dick of the Week award. All nominations will be considered so get you suggestions in early!

Important news
Just an update on the most important football competition in the World - well at least in Northern NSW. Moree Services Soccer Club defeated the Gunnedah Jets 5-2 in 1st Grade and 5-0 in Reserves. Go the 'bats'!!!!

Boo Boo

Climbing the ladder
I was just on the Fox Sports website and read a little article about the new FIFA rankings. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It seems that the Socceroos (man i hate that name, I will have a debate with anyone who wishes it about how it is the only true Football!) well it seems that we as a nation have risen to the dizzy heights of 16th in the current rankings. Now to those of you who don't follow the the world game this is quiet an accomplishment. It is great to see that we as a footballing nation are now starting to be given the credit that we deserve.

Now some of you may be sitting there going "geez Skins, big deal, 16th isn't that impressive", well your a bogan and you need to find a life! You see in the world game of football there are over 100 nations recognised by FIFA as footballing nations. New Zealand is ranked 100th! You see when Football has a World Cup the 32 teams that have "qualified" all have a chance of winning. Yes thats right you have to qualify for our World Cup, you don't just get an invite to participate!

So yes 16th IS impressive, Football has the only TRUE World Cup and well done Pim and the boys!


To the point
Massive Man Utd fan
HATE Berbatov
that is all


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