Monday, November 9, 2009

The page that thinks it sucks that we got Eno instead of Tiger

Well I don't know about you, but I had a very successful weekend. Did I accomplish anything major personally? Well no, but both my teams won on the same weekend which hasn't happened that often this season so I'll take it when I can get it. I for one am looking forward to watching the golf this weekend and I really hope that Tiger rips Kingston Heath apart. I wonder if our great State Premier Rees is watching everything that is happening in Melbourne at the moment and if he realises what a f@#* up it was not to try and get Tiger up here for the Australian Open. This would have to go down as one of the worst sporting related decisions in our states history!

King of the Week

People couldn't understand how Tiger Woods could be worth $3 million just to turn up and play in the tournament. Well a full sell out on all days, including the practice round, which is unheard of even in the USA, pretty much proves the Victorian State government right. Congratulations to Victorian Premier John Brumby, if only we had a Premier with half a brain, but then again if we had that maybe we would have better roads, better transit, better hospitals, better...............

Dick of the Week

Sorry Brett, but even if you "want" to play for the Australian Test team again, they don't actually need you any more because, well your actually a bit shit now! Just let it go man, please realise that you body can't do what it could 5 years ago and go out with a bit of class. I mean you have always got your Bollywood career to fall back on!

Him? Really?
I hop online this morning and do my regular sports page browse before I start smashing the keyboard for the man and I get the shock of my life. I'm on Fox Sports and I had to refresh the page several time just to check if it was a mistake or something, nope still there. Next I find a calender and check the date, nope it's not April Fool's Day either. Was the world coming to an end? I can hear you now, "what is this guy on about?", well I'll let you know what has me confused and shocked!

Alex Brosque has been selected in the Australian squad for the upcoming Asian Cup qualifier, and yes, I'm serious! I was in shock as well!

Let me begin by saying that I think Brosque is perhaps the worst player currently playing in the A-League. If he isn't the worst, he is easily inside the top 5. Lets not pretty it up, the guy is absolute rubbish! I mean he isn't even the best player at Sydney, let alone the A-League. His playing partner up front at Sydney at the moment deserves to be called up way before this wank.

I am wondering if this is like back in the days of juniors when every team has that 1 kid that is just pathetic, but he is in the team so the club can feel good about themselves for giving a retard a fair go. Has Pim Verbeek been told by the FFA that he needs to be seen giving equal opportunities to the minority groups and thats why this spastic has been given a chance? Bloody hell!

There is one positive that comes out of this, It makes you believe that maybe you still have a chance to make the team yourself, I mean I may be the wrong side of 30, a bit overweight and have no left foot, but if Brosque can get a run, then you just never know. You have my number Pim!

Shorter, but the same point
Brosque? You can not be f@#*in serious!

Life and times
Being a Liverpool supporter at the moment is like you are on one hell of a roller coaster. One minute you are plummeting towards what feels like the depths of hell at such a pace that you can feel your own balls in your throat and all you want to do is spew. Then within seconds you have been jerked upwards with such a force that the balls that were just moments ago in the back of your throat, are now hanging around ur knees (see victory against Man Utd). Then the ride upwards starts to slow down a bit, and you know in the back of you mind that it can only end badly, but your heart is telling you "it's ok, we are going to keep going up, all the way to the top", but damm that Newton and his laws of physics! This time the ride back down is twice as bad as the as the first one and you know deep down that the bottom is a long way off.

I really shouldn't be cheering a 2 all draw with Birmingham so much........but I did anyway!

"You will never walk alone"

Points of view
After the Chelski v Man Utd game on Monday morning I was left with a very bitter taste in my mouth and my hatred for those wankers in blue increased. I just had a few points I need to get off my chest.

1- Drogba is a f@#*in cheat! No doubt he has quality but the guy is and always will be a cheat. For one of the more physically styled players in the world the man goes down like a sack of shit at the slightest touch. The incident in the 2nd half with Evans is a prime example. Sure Evans got him with a quality Kung Fu kick to the chest and was lucky to get away with it but Drogba's reaction afterwards was like he had taken a spear to the chest and was drawing his final breath. Cue 1 minute later and he gets a bizzare yellow card for the incident and suddenly he has recovered enough to smash the ref with abuse, wanker.

2- The free kick that led to the goal was a home team free kick if ever I've seen one! Never in a million years a foul.

3- Speaking of fouls, how about the foul on old Wes "baked bean head" Brown in the box, effectively taking him out of the way of the ball that ends up in the back of the net? Nothing! And who takes Brown down? Drogba!

4- I f@#*in hate the fact that Lampard runs away celebrating that goal like he was the reason it went in, you had nothing to do with it you fat f@#*!

5- United can not win the league playing Carrick, Fletcher AND Anderson at the same time, they are all rubbish!


Not surprised
So Ferguson basically calls the ref from the Chelsea v United game a cheat and looks like he will get away with, why am i not surprised!?

This guy could call the Queen of England a slut and he wouldn't even be called to apologise!
The Fiddler

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