Friday, November 6, 2009

The page that would rather sink than swim

Well another week has passed us by on our run in to Christmas and I for one am looking forward to the weekend. I'll be sure to follow Trento's tips this weekend after I backed "Headway" last weekend and got a very healthy $15 return, cheers bigman. There will be plenty of sport to wet the appetite over the next few days with quite a few Australian teams running out, oh and the Wallabies have a chance to prove they are not entirely crap as well!

Trent's Top Tips
So the Cup has come and gone, and you may be wondering why there wasn't a special Cup tip from yours truly? Well you see I have a saying about the Spring Carnival "Derby Day is for the purists, Melbourne Cup day is for the mugs, and Thursday is for Trent! Anyone who knows anything about horse racing will tell you how hard it is to back a winner on Cup day, and that why I steer clear.

Just before I get to my Top Tips I would just like to bring up a sore point that has been with me for a while now in regards to this blog. You see the King of the Week award was handed out to one Bart Cummings a few weeks ago, and while I hold nothing against the great man, it was the statistics below his pic that had me up in arms. You see there is a name missing off that list, one that should actually have been at the top, ahead of Cummings. A certain T.J. Smith, who in his career racked up alittle over 270 "Group 1" winners, just a minor oversight I know, but the man is my hero! Anyway onto the tips.

Tip 1 - Flemington - Race 5 - Patinack Farm Classic, Number 6 "Mic Mac" straight out people

Tip 2 - Flemington - Race 6 - Emirates Stakes, Number 1 "Black Piranha" eachway bet of the day!

Is that shit about Aggasi for real? The dude really wore not just a toupee as he likes to call it, but a whole skinned Yak on his head for nearly a decade? Bloody hell talk about vanity. Next you'll be telling me that Burt Newton's hair isn't real..............

Is it just me?
November, the time of year that makes everyone believe that they are a sudden expert on something that is as likely to pick as lotto, The Melbourne Cup. in the face of expected criticism I am going to put my hand up and say that I don't like "the Cup". Call me unAustralian if you like, it doesn't bother me. I also willing to admit that I don't even have a bet on the race, and havn't for some years now. We really should just rename it the "Bogan Cup" and get it over and done with. Did you ever watch the movie "Kenny"? Those scenes where he is at the track on race day? Thats whats wrong with the Cup, to many bogans with no idea what they are doing.

I think this is where my real dislike for the day stems from. As a regular punter, who likes to think they know a thing or two about horse racing I find nothing more irritating than just after the big race finishes and your horse is still running, a once a year punter turns to his mates and says "yeehaa, I got it, $500 bucks baby" and if he is honest he probably only picked that horse cos they jockey was wearing the same colour silks as his boyfriends underpants!

I know some of you will say thats the beauty of the Melbourne Cup and blah blah blah, but I don't buy it. More often than not the horses that should win it, don't, Makybe Diva excepted.

I know most of you wont agree, but I'd rather the Golden Slipper or the Coxs Plate any day!

Not bad hey?
So the Aussie cricket team is doing quite well on their tour of India even with all the injuries they seem to be getting. We all thought they were just being little girls when they were complaining about the fixture list, but maybe they have a point. However thats not the point of this mail, I really just wanted to make a quick point in regards to Tendulka. The man quite simply is a legend! Every time you think he looks like he is getting a bit past it he comes out and proves you wrong. the 175 he scored, in a losing team mind you, was simply superb! My hat is off to you "Little Mystro"

It is not a sport
I heard recently about a study that they did about kids and the sports that they were involved in. This report came back with swimming on top, followed by Football(soccer) and then AFL. I may have mentioned before my thoughts towards swimming and it being regarded as a "sport", but i'll bring them up again.

Swimming is NOT a sport. Plain and simple swimming is something that we in Australia see as a necessity of life, something that our culture requires as a life skill. From a very early age children in the country are sent off to swim school to teach them a life skill, can u imagine if kids were sent, at the age of 1, to football classes?

This hatred of my towards swimming goes further, all the way to how swimming is only shown so much respect in this country, not because of it's entertainment value, but rather because we actually win medals and no other reason. I mean have you actually ever tried to watch on of those televised meets? F238 me they are boring! But that is another rant altogether.

You have to see this
I can't believe this hasn't been mentioned on Yeahmatego yet! If you havn't seen the two dudes who invaded the pitch during the Barnsley v Man Utd Carling Cup game, do yourself a favour and use the link below, hilarious! Maybe even funnier than the 2 guys is the complete lack of ground security!

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