Friday, September 18, 2009

The page that will be in the away section this weekend

A very good weekend eve to you all. A few of you seem very fired up over recent comments in both the media and on this site. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy debate, thats what this site is all about. I am very much looking forward to sitting back with a few cold ones this weekend and enjoying the football that will be on offer. Be sure to have your TV tuned into the Syndey v Newcastle game this Sunday afternoon, yours truly will be there decked out in the gold of the Jets in the away section. I am looking forward to cheering the boys on to a massive 7-0 win!

Trent's Top Tips
Hello, Trent here, but I'm sure you have already figured that out! Well some how I continue to keep my average up, a healthy 50%. Back in my younger days batting in the La Perouse Public School top order I had an average of 69, lets see if I can improve over the coming weeks and get myself above that.

This week I like the Eels minus 9 against the Titans, the way Parra are playing at the moment they will cover that start quite easily.

I also like the Western Bulldogs with the 18 point start against the Saints. As always multi the 2 together to increase your return.

In reply to Jason from the last post in regards to the Dragons chances of winning the Premiership, mate I nearly agree with you. You see I was starting to warm to them this week until I did a bit of research and found out that IF they manage to beat the Broncos away from home this week, they then have to back up against the Storm in Melbourne. No chance! Keep your money mate.

How stupid are the FFA....
"FOOTBALL Federation Australia is due to announce by the end of the week that a western Sydney team will join the A-League next season.
After almost nine months of deliberations about the 12th licence, which at one stage included bids of varying credibility from Tasmania, Wollongong and Canberra as well as three separate western Sydney groups, it is understood the FFA has this week finally made its choice.

Western Sydney will be joined by a second Melbourne club in an expanded competition from season 2010-11 - meaning the A-League will have grown from eight to 12 clubs within the space of two years."

Already expanding the empire without a stable base - seems scaringly similar to Babcock & Brown haha ;)
But 2 Sydney sides??? They can barely get 10,000 to the FC games - and now they are going to saturate us with another??
And its not like the quality of players is demanding new teams - its just going to bring the whole already low standard down further.

"Meanwhile, Sydney FC remain in the hunt for the ''right'' guest player, but former world player of the year Luis Figo continues to be ruled out unless he is prepared to move forward his plans for a professional comeback.

Figo, 36, effectively retired at the end of the last European season, when he completed a spell with Italian champions Inter Milan, but through his manager, Dutchman Rob Jansen, the Portuguese superstar - once the most expensive player in the world - has made it clear he would consider a guest spell in Australia"

And WTF???? They think a 36 yr old Figo will get bums on seats?? I'd rather watch Brendan Gan from Sutho.
Sponge Bob

I couldn't help myself...
Mick. I just wanted to ask if you were being sarcastic in your recent blog? Was it a bit ‘tongue-in-cheek’? Maybe you were havin’ a laugh? Surely…

Seriously Mick, Australia has just lost the Tri-Nations, again. We also threw away the Ashes. And here you are holding your head high after we won a game of netball. Netball? After reading that comment, I’m not too sure if you actually have a c@#* to readjust. In fact, I think Caster Semenya has more balls than you!

From now on Mick, could you please ensure all moments of premature excitement are left to the confines of your bedroom…Thank you.

I agree
First up to "The Horse" from the last post I am very much interested as to why you have the nickname? Is it due to the fact that you have a face like a horse? Or that you have been blessed by God with an extra large third leg? mmmm On 2nd thoughts never mind, I'd rather not know.

Regardless of the story behind your name, you do bring up a very good point, that supporting a football team is like a marriage. You my friend are spot on, this is something that I have been trying to explain to League Heads for years. They find it hard to understand why we Football people are so mad.

You see if my team suffer a defeat on the weekend I am miserable for days, it hits me hard. Mrs Harmo knows that it is best to just stay out of my way and she NEVER EVER tries to tell me it's ok, well she did once, never again. You see I am so emotionally invested in Liverpool Football Club that they ultimately run my life, and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Yes, the humble pie was delicious!
First of all, as a shattered Manly supporter, I have to congratulate Brisbane, Parramatta, Canterbury and Melbourne on their victories over the weekend (thus, eliminating my team from the title race), especially Parramatta on their courageous win against the Dragons on Sunday, and the Storm on Friday night. Manly were terrible, but even it they played at their best, they would not have beaten them anyway. They were just too good.

Roll on 2010.

I guess one of the hot topics going round at the moment (which seems to happen at this time every year) is the pros and cons of the McIntyre System in its current form. For what it’s worth, I think the AFL system (1v4, 2v3, 5v8, and 6v7) is far superior as the top four teams are guaranteed of a double chance, whereas the teams three and four in the NRL can theoretically be eliminated after the first weekend which I believe is grossly unfair. Is there anyone out there that agrees with me?

I’ll give my tips for next weekend’s games later in the week. In the meantime, I’m just watching the 2008 Grand Final on DVD – takes me back to the days when the world made sense…
The Dazzler

PS. As bad as Manly and Newcastle’s exit from the premiership is, nothing compares to the tragedy surrounding Manly forward Glenn Hall and his wife giving birth to a stillborn baby. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

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