Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The page that would have been throwing bottles with the rest of them!

This post was set up to be published on Monday night, but due to issues that I can't explain the server wouldn't let me post. So I apologise if some of the material seems a little out of date. I'm sure Trento would love to be able to post his tips a couple of days late, but I still reckon he wouldn't manage to get them all right anyway! The awards have been handed out and I have a feeling that the winners wont come as much of a surprise.

King of the Week

He won the Dally M on the back of a magic run of form towards the back end of the season and then went on to show why some now call him the best player in the world right now against the Dragons (they do love finals don't they!). Can the Eels win the Premiership on his back?

Dick of the Week

Doesn't matter what club you support, there seems a universal dislike for the wanker that is Adebayor. He claimed that Arsenal fans didn't show him enough respect, he claimed that they didn't appreciate him, bollocks to that, he acted like a twat, so he was treated like a twat. Then for him to celebrate scoring that goal by running the length of the pitch so that he could slide right in front of the Arsenal fans just goes to show how little brain power he has. The idiot caused a riot in which a steward was knocked out, now I'm not going public endorse what the fans did (privately I applaud them), but the major amount of blame has to fall at Adebayor's feet. This is Adebayor's 2nd Dick of the Week award!

An understanding
As a Man Utd fan I love nothing more than seeing Le Arsenal and Man City getting beaten, so it was with mixed emotions that I sat down on Saturday night to watch the game. Ultimately I would have been happy to see a draw with both teams kicking the absolute shit out of each other, but alas. Well I did get the latter, with that Adebayor fool drawing blood from the face of van Persie with a senseless attack, I hope he gets a few weeks for that. Not because I feel sorry for Arsenal, more because I don't want him to be available for the game this weekend against United.

I must also express my sympathy for the Arsenal fans (hard to believe I know, first and last time). The way that Adebayor reacted after scoring that goal was way way over the top. I understand that he was excited and wanted to stick it to the supporters that had booed him all game, but sometimes you have to wonder at the brain capacity of some of these guys. I know that if Tevez was to do the same thing this coming weekend that the United fans would have the same reaction as the Arsenal fans.

Some people seem to think that maybe we football supporters take things a little bit too personally, but they just don't seem to understand. Supporting a team is a bit like a marriage, in that you are committing to that team for life, they are your family and all you want in life is to see them succeed. So when someone treats your club with contempt, shows no loyalty at all and moves to another club, it is like they have cheated on you. That is where this hatred comes from, its like they have left you and are f@#*ing someone else!
The Horse

Full of facts
A few things came out of the United game on the weekend that I just felt the need to shared.

Fact One - Ryan Giggs is the greatest player to wear the Manchester United shirt. I know, it's a big call, but to have reached 700 games is a massive effort, especially in today's world where the "next big thing" is always around the corner and at least half his age. So to have kept his place in the side shows just how great the man is, then to score a cracking goal on top of that was the icing on the cake! May his 5 o'clock shadow forever grace the hallow turf that is Trafford

Fact 2 - Paul Scholes would have to be the worst tackling midfielder in world football bar none. I know it is late in his career and it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks but bloody hell u'd think by now that he would have got his shit together. Every time he goes to ground I wince with anticipation that he will kill some one and be sent off again. Thankfully he has scored some cracking goals over his career and I will be left with those memories instead of images of him sliding in 10 seconds late and taking someones head off. Remember that volley he scored from Beckham's corner?

How good is he really?
Finals time is here again, and the Dragons are losing again. It's a bit like death and taxes, the three are inevitable. Now it is time for the "mighty Wayne Bennett" to earn his stripes and show us how good he really is. There is a mindset within the Dragons as a whole that they can't win finals, he needs to change that.

You couldn't have scripted it any better either, with the do or die game in Brisbane, against his old club. If they are able to roll the Broncos I reckon they will be within a shout of winning the thing as a whole. I know a lot of people have written them off, and with good reason, but I just think that if the momentum that will be caused by winning at Suncorp will be hard to stop. You can't buy the confidence that a win up there will create. I think I might even go and have a couple of coins on them winning the Premiership now, before the odds go down. Wonder if that Trento fella reckons they are any good!

Anyone watching?
It wasn't that long ago that we Aussies were walking with our heads held very low indeed. We were losing to just about everyone in every sport imaginable. I mean we even lost the world's fastest hermaphrodite title when that thing from South Africa knocked Cathy Freeman off the perch!

Fast forward to now and things have changed, we have restored a bit of pride in the cricket with us taking an unbeatable lead in the oneday series, which we all know means WAY more than those pointless Ashes! The Wallabies actually won a game and scored more than 1 try, wonders never cease! Even the Netball girls have notched a few wins to continue the winning streak.

So I'd just like to raise my ice cold KB tinny in a toast to the return of Australian sport and call for my fellow Australians to bust out the Chisel Cd's, slip on the double pluggers, scratch your arse and readjust your c@#*, if you have one and walk the streets with pride again. We are back people!

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