Friday, September 25, 2009

The page that is full of replies

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of you that send in your little "rants" because without them this blog does not exist. I know i don't manage to post them all, but that does come back to the fact that sometimes what you write just isn't good enough! Jokes aside it is great that this little side project has taken off and I hope that it continues for awhile yet. The page hasn't been in existence for 3 months yet and this weekend will see the 1,000 visitor, so to that person we will have give out a special prize.....or not. Anyway enough chatter, thanks again and don't forget to follow Trent's Tips for this week!

Trent's Top Tips
Somebody call the Fire Brigade cos this man is on fire! Just an expected 100% return from last weeks tips, and plenty of cash in my pocket at least. Follow me to the promised land people, I'll be your captain. Some very tasty games for us this weekend and here is what I think.
Tip 1 - The Bulldogs are absolute specials this week. Every man and his dog, excuse the pun, has been on the Eels bandwagon this week but they are no hope. The Eels are very much like the Dragons, look how many "fans" come out of the woodwork when they start winning. But not tonight. Depending on who you bet with there is a thing called a "Tri-bet" for tonight's game, look into it!

Tip 2 - Geelong, and by plenty. I would seriously look at the start that they are giving St Kilda and be tempted to have a punt on that if you like the added excitement.

As is my motto "Multi it up people". Throw the 2 of them together along with the Storm to add a bit more value
Happy Tipping

All Sydney fans are dicks
I traveled to the Sydney v Newcastle game on the weekend to watch the mighty Jets in action and felt like calling the Police to report a robbery, we were the better team and came away with nothing, but that's football. There were a couple of things that really stuck out for me from the day and funnily enough neither had anything to do with the game.

While i was walking into the ground I passed a table set up with a lady in a Sydney jersey behind it. "Would you like a free pie?" she said to me, now I'm like any other fat man and I love a good pie so I walked towards her. She then goes on to inform me that if I sign up for Sydney FC membership today that I get today's ticket and a pie for free. I looked down at my Newcastle Jets jersey, then looked at her, then looked down at my jersey again, then walked off. Did she really think that she was going to get a sale there? That got me thinking though, how Aussie is it to offer a free meat pie with a membership!

So the final whistle is moments away, Sydney would win the game and the Jets fans were quite rightly pissed off. Then from out of nowhere shit hits the fan. Well for a moment I thought that it was going to be like Donkey Kong, a good old fashion football crowd fight. But no, it was just 1 simple idiot in a Sydney jersey come to take the piss out of us. I thought his mates wouldn't be far behind, but they never came. Cue at least 20 Jets fans flying in from every angle to get a piece of the halfwit. Only a few good shoves into the seats and ground were managed before the security realised what was happening and managed to save the dickheads life. As I left the stadium I walked past the said dickhead having a ticket written out for inciting violence! hahaha quality!

Solid question
Just wanted to know if this Trento fella is for real or do you just post his tips after they win? I admit that I sometimes don't have the chance to check this site until later on the weekend so this is where my suspicion comes from. If he is for real I suppose I better start paying attention, but he seems alittle too good to be true.

They still exist
My goodness, there I was thinking that they had gone the same way as the Tasmanian Tiger and the Dodo bird, but the last post proves me wrong. There are still people out there that support Leeds! You could have knocked me down with a feather! So your Leeds Utd fan hey Boom, wow, hows that going for you? Do you get some weird satellite feed from the UK to watch the games or do you follow the games from live score updates on the Internet? hahahahaha my goodness you must have wet the bed when you saw the ad for the Leeds v Liverpool game. But alas, you shouldn't have wasted your time, you should have slept in, you should have thrown your Leeds shirt in the bin years ago. Time to find a new team Boom, and I can suggest a quality team for you, a team that you might actually see on the TV from time to time, Liverpool FC. Come join the fun!

Gullsy, mate, when your mum tells you that you are a handsome bloke and that girls should be falling over each other to marry you, that's sarcasm. When you missus tells you that your the best root she has ever had, that's sarcasm. So yes, when I said that we should be proud to be Australian again i was using sarcasm.

We did win the series 6-1 though, that's not to be scoffed at!

Lord of the rings extra?
I know it's a bit late, but I felt the need to reply to Sponge Bob's rant last week. He seems to feel that Sydney can't handle a 2nd A-League, what drug is he on? The proposed team is set to be based in the heartland of football in this country, the western suburbs of Sydney, they could have picked no better place. If you build it, they will come, the people out here are made for football and the biggest things that are stopping us from going to Sydney FC games are the travel, and the fact that everyone who supports them are stuck up twats!

I couldn't really understand where the fella was coming from until I got towards the end of the rant.......he is from"The Shire". How typical of a Hobbit to ark up about something like this! He is probably just pissed off that the team isn't going to be based in "The Shire" and he has to crossed the bridge to watch football. Mate if you guys could handle your Sharks better, maybe you would have had a chance. Thankfully they are giving the chance to people who will make it work.

Oh and go the Dogs!
Dan the Man

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