Monday, October 12, 2009

The page that is always in their seat on time

Well wasn't that the biggest disappointment since Liverpool's last title challenge! The Aussie on Saturday night were truly awful. I forked over a massive $80 to watch a friendly and while I wasn't expecting the same kind of excitement that the World Cup qualifier produced, I did expect them to show something, anything. They left alot to be desired. Even worse than that was the fact that I decided to ignore Trento's hot tip for Saturday and low and behold it got up on the line, beating my horse by a nose and paying a very healthy $21, I just hope someone was on it!

King of the Week

Anyone who competes in Iron Man Triathlons has my full respect, anyone who can win one shows a level of fitness that is beyond words, anyone who can win the toughest Iron Man in the world two years running is a freak! Craig Alexander you deserve more than the crown, but it is all I can offer. This weeks award would have gone to Gullsy had he been able to supply a picture of him with his 2 European models, but he didn't!

Dick of the Week

Have another beer Frank, you idiot. That's two times in the past three years that this halfwit has been caught drink driving, and hopefully it costs him his job. I've hated this bloke every since he "coached" the national team, then to find out that he was at home drinking bottles of wine instead of watching his son knock in the winning goal in his Grand Final made me find a new level of hate. What a wanker!

Yes, my life really is one long winning streak
This week I just want to set a few things straight. It's now been a month or so since I first arrived on the Yeahmatego sporting scene. Since then, you’ve probably all started to realise that I’m a bit of ladies man. But hey, that's OK, I'm comfortable with the title.

Unfortunately, it seems I do have my doubters.

Firstly, in regard's to Craig's request for 'proof'! I'm guessing you're the sort of guy that loves taking photos of hot chicks that are way out of your league...the sort of guy that has his photo taken at Bathurst standing with the Jim Beam promo girls. You’d then keep copies in your wallet and tell your mates how you could’ve f#*ked the blonde if you weren’t so pissed. Nothing wrong with that mate – I used to do the same thing when I was 14. But hey, when you're a seasoned campaigner like myself, you don't need photos. That's how these girls get busted cheating on their boyfriends!

And as for you young Harmo, one of the reasons I go to the football is so that I can get a break from shagging. Watching the game at home on Foxtel is somewhat ruined a bit when you've got two hot European girls begging you for a threesome. I for one don't want to be red-carded for diving in the box...

I hope that clears things up a little. And, as this is a sports blog and not a bitching forum, I'd just like to wrap it up with my own value bet of the week...I’ve got odds of $2.80 that Harmo and Craig are now living their lives vicariously through me!

I reckon Trento’s eyes just lit up when he saw easy money like that!

Is it that hard?
Sure the game sucked on Saturday night, sure we didn't win, or even look like winning and sure it was even raining on top of that. but that's not what my problem is today, nope, my problem lies with those "sports fans" that for reasons beyond understanding arrive at their seats 20 minutes after the start of the game! F@#* this shits me!

Now if the game was on a Friday night I can semi understand arriving late, we all have to work. But I can find absolutely no reason why you can be on time for a Saturday night kickoff, seriously! I mean you are paying good money to watch this event and you are missing half the game.

One set of "fans" arrived 20 minutes late, pissed everyone off around them due to their inability to squeeze their fat arses between the seats and then decided that they had seen enough and left with 10 minutes to go. F@#* me if you are leaving early to beat the traffic, why the f@#* can't you leave home early to beat the traffic you f@#*in retard! Next time I will kick you in the back of the head.

That is all

To the point
Just 2 quick points from me about the Socceroos game

1 - The Mexican wave is the dumbest thing that can possibly happen at a sporting event. To the spastics that tried to start it, please never ever do it again, just watch the game!

2 - Holman is absolute toilet. He is the worst player to ever play for this fine country. Please recall John Kosmina before you ever let this man wear the green and gold ever again.

Nice result
I was a bit bored on Saturday so I decided to throw a bit of money at the two horses that Trento tipped on Friday. I put 10 eachway on both but didn't see the race. When I scanned the tickets the next day I was just hoping to get my money back, then the lady started to count out the 50's! The 1st prick got up and I got a tidy $250 result, cheers Trento, I'm sure you picked up a bit urself and I'll be sure to keep an eye out for your tips next week!

I want them two
Benny hit the nail on the head in the last post, all I want for Christmas this year is for us to be drawn in the same group as those Pommy pricks for next years World Cup. I can just see their media now, ripping them apart for being knocked out in the group stages by those lowly Aussie's. They are starting to build them up over there at the moment, suggesting that this could be their World Cup, that they have the players to go all the way.....they don't. Any team that has Fat Frank Lampard in their team will never win the World Cup!

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