Friday, October 30, 2009

The page that is late, but worth it

Yes it is late this week, and for that I am sorry, but sometimes in life other things just take priority! Anyway onto the blog. Trent gives us his views on the racing at Flemington, a couple of ladies give us their views on sports fashions and there isn't much love for baseball.

Trent's Top Tips
Mr. 50% is back people! So last week I decided to return to a familiar stomping ground, Rugby League, to pull myself back, and it worked. However this week I have decided to head back to the track, I mean it is the Spring Carnival after all.

Flemington - Race 4 - Coolmore Stud Stakes - "Headway" Each Way
Flemington - Race 6 - Victoria Derby - "Viking Legend" Each Way
Flemington - Race 9 - Aami Insurance Stakes - "Fist of Fury" Each Way

All three of the above horses offer great value and have a proven track record.

Footballers fashion faux pas
White football shorts. Nylon. Coloured undies. Grass stains. Amateurs. Are you visualising this? We would like to know why a bunch of grown men think it’s ok to run around in little white shorts. Our nightmares began on a sunny day whilst taking in a game, when, to our horror, We were confronted with a player adjusting his animal print package, thinly covered by a pair of said shorts.

Although it is impossible, we’d like to pass on a few tips for looking your best in these horrideous white shorts:
Tip number one: Purchase yourself a pair of white briefs for game days.
Tip number two: Keep your shorts clean – try Napisan.
Tip number three: Never EVER think it’s ok, hot, sexy, cool or smokin’ to wear animal print underwear. Your teammates will not respect you and nor will the ladies.
Footballers Wives

Is it worth it?
With all this talk about how hot the woman are that professional athletes can pull, it got me wondering, is it really worth it in the end? Now bare with me, I know it mat sound strange but I have a couple of examples that can help me prove my point.

Lets start with Roger Federer, probably the greatest tennis player to ever play the game. Now according to Gullsy theory he could have any woman that he wanted. He is the best player in the world in his sport, he has money coming out his ringhole, he is living the high life, and his woman of choice? A lady he has been with from before he even won his first tournament. Now he could have ditched her once all the money and fame started, but he didn't, he has stuck with her, and while some of you seem to think that she isn't much chop there are obviously reasons as to why he has stayed with her.

Look at what this stability has done for his career, the bloke has won more majors than anyone else in history, that has to count for something. Now sure he could be living a life of sex drugs and rock & roll but will history remember him? Doubt it!

Then we move on to the golfing sensation that was Adam Scott. It wasn't that long ago when Scott was being touted as the man to knock Tiger Woods off the top of the world rankings. But alas he is now just a little bit shit. So where did it all go wrong? It is no coincidence that his form slump started around the same time that his relationship with tennis star Anna Ivanovic started. Part of me says "can you blame him, who wouldn't rather be in bed with her than on the golf course", but I think that I would honestly have golf at the top of my priorities over her.

In sport, if your lucky enough to play at the elite level, your career is a mere flash in the pan in terms of time. You have been given an opportunity to make your mark and I just feel that to waste it like some professional athletes do is a shame. If they don't want it, then step aside and give one of the millions who would kill for the opportunity a chance!
The Fiddler

No it is not
You have to love the Yanks, I mean they have that huge deluded belief that they are the centre of the universe. Take that spastic game of baseball for example, how is it that they feel they have the right to call the final series of a sport that barely anyone else plays a "World Series". The arrogance of it all. I mean the game is so boring it makes cricket look like an action blockbuster movie!

Well guess what Americans, you aren't the centre of the universe, nobody gives a flying f@#* about baseball and it is NOT the World Series!

What an offer
Did anyone else hear that report about the woman in the US that got done for offering sex for baseball world series tickets? Knowing how crap baseball is, if I had them I reckon I would have been interested, but I'd have to see a picture first....mmm on second thoughts I wouldn't, I take the deal. Baseball is that shit it wouldn't matter what she looked like!

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