Monday, October 19, 2009

The page that thinks life's a beach...ball

If Darren Bent's goal against Liverpool on the weekend didn't have you in a fit of laughter you clearly do not have a sense of humour! That or you are a Liverpool fan, and I truly feel sorry for you whichever one it is. Trento went from hero to zero this weekend with a massive zero result, and some of you were clearly not happy about it! It also seems more than one of you have a thing for Megan Fox, but I am sorry, you'll just have to get in line!

King of the Week

The crown this week does not go to a sportsman, it doesn't even go to a person. This week sees a huge amount of nominations for the beachball that scored the winner against Liverpool. Sure Bent hit the shot, but the way the beachball beat the offside trap and gently flicks it past Reina in goals is super impressive. What makes the incident even funnier is that the ball is a Liverpool ball and was thrown onto the pitch by a Liverpool supporter. You can't find a picture of the kid anywhere, probably because he is with god now.

News has now filtered through that all Man Utd fans will be checked for beachballs before entering the ground this weekend for their match against Liverpool. Bloody hilarious! Can't wait to hear the abuse they will be throwing Pepe Renia's way!

Dick of the Week

Mike Jones, the referee who incorrectly awarded Darren Bent's goal for Sunderland against Liverpool on Saturday, will not officiate in the Premier League this weekend. He will probably not be seen in the Premier League again this season, but if he is you can just imagine the abuse that the fans will be giving him, they don't forget stuff like this very easily in England!

Lucky miss
For work related reasons I was unable to get onto Yeahmatego until Saturday so I was hoping that Trento was going to be able to produce again for me that afternoon. I was a bit annoyed that his tips were for Friday night, until I looked up the results. Seems like this was 1 situation that I should be thankful it was a busy Friday. Maybe this week he can line my pockets again, that is if he still has a job!

Under pressure now
After hearing the good luck story from last week I was sucked into following "Trent's Top Tips" this week, and rn't I glad that I did! Friday night smashed me, I don't normally go near the dogs, I find them to unpredictable but I thought I'd give them a go cos this Trento seems to know what he is on about, well at least I thought he did!

Just a question, does he own the three dogs that he tipped? Their names seemed to run on a common theme so I am a bit sus. And if he does own them you'd think that he would know if they were any good, I mean 1 of them was lucky to finish!

I'll be back next week, cos I believe in 2nd chances, but after that, I'll be round to his house, and it wont be a social call!

They still play that?
I will give you one thing Gullsy, you do know how to entertain and it seems apparent that you are either in a profession that requires you to be creative or you are one of those guys that just loves telling a story, either way keep it up.

Onto your rant last week about the NBL, shit dude I didn't realise that basketball still existed in this country, seriously. If I am honest I don't really care for the game, I think that any sport where it is that easy to score points is a bit of a waste of time, I mean honestly where is the skill?

So they kicked off this season without the Kings? How can you have a national competition without a team from Sydney? Everyone in the world knows that Sydney is the centre of all that is good in Australia. I mean ask any American what the capital of Australia is and they will respond "Sydney". And we all know how intelligent those yanks are, I mean you have to be smart to have elected George W, not just once but twice! But I digress...

The only good thing that I can see in basketball is that it seems the only sport left in the world where sledging is not only legal, but encouraged! Have you ever been to a game? Every time that the opposition has the ball, loud music is played over the speakers to make it harder for them to communicate, everytime they have a free throw the fans behind the net go ballistic, mascots take the piss out of opposition players, I mean it is the way sport should be!

Cricket has got it all wrong, they shouldn't be trying to stamp sledging out, they should be encouraging it!
Dan the Man

Care factor of zero
Just wondering if I am the only one out there that has absolutely no interest in the tours of both out League and Union teams?

The League season for me has finished, it finished with the Grand Final. I am happy to leave it there until next year, I am all Rugby Leagued out, I've had my fill. I don't need anymore and the funny thing I think deep down the players feel the same way. There is all this talk about retribution for losing the World Cup last year, thats bullshit. This tournament means nothing, and I couldn't give a f@#* if we lose every game, I really couldn't.

As for the Union, please! The Wallabies at the moment would have to be one of the worst Wallabies teams in years, they are a laughing stock not just here, but all around the world. Just stay at home and save yourselves and us the embarrassment!

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