Friday, October 9, 2009

The page that wants to see the proof

This weekend sees the boys in gold take on the boys in orange and I for one will be there and I am really looking forward to the game. Trento needs a big week this week if he is to maintain the title of YEAHMATEGO'S resident tipster, The Dazzler may have his sights set on that seat! Gullsy continues to cause a stir, just how he likes it, but there has been a call for him to prove his story!

Trent's Top Tips
So last week sees the winning percentage take a bit of a hit. I did manage to pick both the Melbourne Storm teams winning their games and the senior boys did have the Eels by 13+ at one stage but alas they couldn't hold on. Maybe I should have got some advice of The Dazzler, but I doubt he has ever put more than a 50c bet on in his life and that was probably on Melbourne Cup day. I bet he isn't a seasoned campaigner like myself, a man who has been punting since I was 7 years old, a veteran of the game. Stick with me kids, through the good and the bad.

Tip 1 - Sydney races tomorrow Race 5, Number 8 "Conquering Queen" EW bet

Tip 2 - Sydney races tomorrow Race 6, Number 2 "Bernicia" EW bet

Ill be back this week people, never fear!

Prove it
This Gullsy bloke must be living the greatest life you could possibly hope for, or so he claims anyway! In his last rant he hits us with the outlandish claim of heading to the football with 2 European models and he didn't even have to pay for the privilege. Far be it for me to question another mans creditability but I feel that these kind of stories must come with some form of evidence. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good over the top story where the fish gets bigger and bigger every time the bloke tells it, but Gullsy I feel that in this situation you will need to prove your claim. At the very least you could have supplied a couple of photos of some random woman from an Internet dating site and claimed that these were the girls. Better yet how bout a real photo of you with these 2 said females for the rest of us to appreciate. Feel free to pixelate your own face though, we don't need to see it.

Throw us dogs a bone good man!

Toughen up
Gullsy mate lets be honest if you really were a tough f@#*er you wouldn't be writing in with a story about how you were pissed off due to standing in line for a "whole 15 mins!", no if you were a real tough f@#*er you would have sent the bitches you took with you to the bar to get the drinks for you, not the other way around! Tough men don't go to the bar, bitches go to the bar!

Tough f@#*ers don't complain about sunburn either, they take their shirt off, get as red as possible and then ask their mates to slap them as hard as possible, showing that they laugh in the face of pain!

And another thing, why did you go to the football anyway, why didn't you stay home and shag the too birds at the same time for f@#* sake? A real man would have!

Isn't it obvious?
I think I have an answer for Steveo from the last post who raised a very good point about Slater winning the Best on Ground award from the Grand Final. I completely agree with him, there is no way that Slater should have won the award, no chance he was the best player on the day. You see though, the problem is that this award is voted for by ex-players of the game and we all know how intelligent League players are! You are asking men who have taken thousands of knocks to the head to count past 1? When asked towards the end of the game who they pick, they must go with the only number that they know, number 1, the fullbacks number. That has to be the answer.
The Menace

Livin' on a prayer
With the Premier League taking a break this week my attention has been caught by the up coming Internationals, mainly involving us Aussies. Unfortunately I can't get to Sydney for the game and I am very jealous of any of you that get the chance, enjoy the game. This is a fantastic opportunity not only for the fan, but the team to see where we are in regards to our preparations for the World Cup. I reckon we will roll them.

Speaking of the World Cup, I am really looking forward to the draw and finding out who we get in our group. I really, really, really really want England. I want them sooooooooo bad, almost as much as I want a threesome with Jennifer Hawkins and Samantha Fox! I am beginning nightly prays to the Football Gods that our little token is closely followed by theirs. I am pretty sure that I am not alone on this wish either, I mean what Aussie doesn't like smashing the Poms?

Just think, they have taken our ashes, and that f@#*in hurt so much. Can you imagine how much it would hurt them if we knocked them out of the World Cup in the group stages? I can almost taste the sweet sweet revenge!

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