Friday, July 31, 2009

The backlash, and something a little bit disturbing!

Well if nothing else "The Dazzler's" NRL rundown has caused a bit of a stir. Surprise surprise there was a big backlash to the whole Manly thing. Plenty going on in this issue so get your fix. Some interesting opinions, mixed in with some very disturbing, but bloody funny observations.

The King of Ugly

Its a little bit close to call, but Martin Keown is the one on the right

Money Talks

With all this talk about ugly sportsmen, I felt that it was important to point out that it doesn't matter how ugly you are, as long as you are rich you will always get the girl! Take Franc "The Hunchback from Notre Dame" Ribery for example. He may have a laughable face but he still gets to bang away at the lovely lady on the right of the above pic!

No wonder he could swim so fast

Swimsuit - Thorpe Style
Mr Clark

It's not a sport anyway
Well hasn't swimming become more of a joke in the last couple of days. The whole swimsuit shit storm has sent the "sport" into chaos. Let me begin by saying that I have never appreciated swimming as a sport, to me it is nothing more than a necessity of life to know how to swim, and the way that swimmers are portrayed as hero's sickens me. So I have to laugh at the current situation that they find themselves in. Let me get this right, so the governing body decide to ban certain suits, but not until after one of the biggest championships in the sport. My goodness, hasn't that worked well! They should all have to swim in actual suits, I may even bother to watch it then!

To the point
Dear "Dazzler", if that is your real name
You sir are an Idiot, Manly? haha
That is all

You can't get it back
Bloody hell, I was just wondering if Dazzler is able to give me back the 30mins I just wasted reading his NRL rundown! Wow I actually think that I had a few of those microsleep things while reading it. I will admit that while I was reading it I was actually thinking to myself "ok yeah I can see where this guy is coming from, he seems to know what he is on about", but then, the kicker. The prick is a Manly supporter! Everyone knows that Manly supporters are the most one eyed tossers on the planet! Lets try and keep the posts down to a few paragraphs next time Dazzler, not everyone lives on the North Shore with all that spare time on their hands!

Goes with the territory
Sure that last post by The Dazzler was long, but when you get to the end of you start to understand why. Everyone knows that people from the North Shore are so self indulgent that they believe we all care what they think and that their opinions are the most important in the world! That being said I tend to agree with the things he pointed out, except for the whole Manly winning the comp thing, dickhead! You can't go past a Dragons v Dogs final.

I want what he's having
Seriously what the f@#* are the Australian selectors smoking these days? They couldn't pick their own arses at the moment! Please sack yourselves and do us all a favour.

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