Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mixed bag...

Mixed bag today, but of course the Ashes is a hot topic at the moment. Read on and feel free to have your say!

Harsh but fair
Please raise your hand if you think Cadel Evans is one of the ugliest men alive

He has no alibi for his appearance.
U.G.L.Y. Cadel ain’t got no alibi – He ugly!

Mates before dates..
I have always been a mates before dates kinda guy, but now I find myself in a rather large fight with the date, as this time last year I promised to run the city to surf with her on August 9. However with 4 weeks left of Sunday football, Coogee Utd are poised for a finals birth the same weekend.. Do you continue to play football with a group of guys who will all be returning to the UK at seasons end or keep the date happy by joining her for 3 hours of running on a Sunday afternoon...........
I'll be trying my hardest to make the semi final..

I'm, Aussie, honest
I'd just like to start by saying that I am a very proud Australian and the following opinion is based purely from a sporting point of view and not that of a one eyed spectator. Now I know there are many Aussie cricket fans out there who like most of us are quite upset with the antics of the English cricket team during the last 69 balls of the 1st test, but I for 1 take my hat off to them! Seriously, I mean lets be honest and for 1 second put yourselves in the same situation. You wouldn't do the same thing? Your shoelace wouldn't suddenly come undone at the end of every second over? You eyes wouldn't suddenly get something in them and You need assistance? Please! The Poms were in a no win situation and they had to do all they could to stop the Aussie taking a lead in the series

The real truth of the matter is that the Australian bowling attack wasn't/isn't good enough to finish off the innings! I mean Hauritz and North, are you serious?

The other point of view

"Same old England, always cheating, Same old England, always cheating". Damm I hate the Poms, and that hatred has only grown since those ridiculous scenes at the end of the 1st test. F*@#ing little pansies! Why couldn't they just man up and face the music? I think I could have copped it a little bit better if they had of shown some balls and really earned that draw!

I'm sorry, did I miss something? I flick the TV onto Fox Sports news when I woke up to check by how much we had won the cricket only to see scenes of jubilation in the crowd and the Pommy players running around hugging each other. I think to myself, shit, they have won? But how? Then the commentator sheds some light on the footage by telling us that England have held on for the draw......THE DRAW!

Bloody hell can you imagine if they do the unthinkable and actually win a game? There will be sex on the streets!

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