Saturday, July 25, 2009

The weekend is here

Welcome to another jam packed sports weekend. Be sure to cast your vote in the Ugliest man in sport poll. Also I'm sure that you have an opinion on something in the world of sport, so be sure to keep your thoughts coming in!

I'll drop him off myself
Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle has expressed a desire to sign Emmanuel Eboue from Arsenal.

"Arsenal's Eboue is a really good player and it won't be easy to take him to Florence," he told the Italian press.

The above statement had my jaw hitting the floor. Not because the guy from Fiorentina seems to think Eboue is a good player, for that he needs his head read. No the thing that had me the most dumbfounded was the fact that he seems to think that it will be hard to take him away from the Arse. Does he have mental problems? Dude, seriously I will fly over to England, pick that useless piece of shit up, fling him over my shoulder and carry him all the way to Italy myself if it means that we don't have to watch him run out in an Arsenal shirt ever again. 99% of Arsenal fans would be glad to see him gone, the other 1% can join him in leaving Arsenal if they think we wont be better off without him!

So when did you want him dropped off?

It pays to be known
I must confess to being disenchanted with the British legal system following the news that Steven Gerrard has walked free. Now don't get me wrong I like the guy as a player and my feelings are not born out a Liverpool hatred, but for him to be involved in an incident with 7 others guys, all of whom plead guilty, and he gets off scott free is bullshit.

You can not tell me that the fact that he is Steven Gerrard, Liverpool Captain, didn't help in a massive way to getting him off. This is just another case of a celebrity being treated differently than your average joe merely because he can kick a football better than you and I. The fact that his 7 mates go down for the incident proves this point! I mean he even confesses to hitting the guy! What more evidence do you need?

Who do you follow
Well the inevitable has happened, Steven Gerrard has got away with a violent off field act that should have seen him do time. The major problem I see with this whole thing is the way in which the verdict was reached. How can you honestly expect a jury to be impartial towards a person of his celebrity status?

Now I know that they do screen all possible members of a jury, but lets be honest for just 1 second. Your sitting in the interview room and they ask you if you follow football. If your a massive Liverpool fan and you think this maybe for the Gerrard case, you are going to do anything you can to get on that Jury and make sure that your hero gets off. Sure the same could be said if you hated the guy and you would want to make sure he goes down, but this just proves the point that the system as a whole doesn't work.

He should have just been tried by a judge, sentenced to 40 years and we could all just get on with our lives.

Hitting back
It seems that I have hit a nerve with Mr Harmo. He seems to think that I am some Pommy loving git who craves for the motherland. He couldn't be further from the truth. Sure I defended the Poms time wasting tactics from the 1st test, but if he is honest with himself and tried to be non bias for just 1 minute I think he would admit that he would have done the same thing.

That being said, just because I defended those tactics does not mean that I will stand up for the "catch claim" that even had me fuming. In this occasion, they cheated, plain and simple. Any honest man would have told the umpires that they weren't sure and that they should probably check with the 3rd umpire. The Poms were/are not honest. So don't you worry yourself Harmo, I am Aussie through and through.

Time for change
Surely we have to play Stuart Clark in the 3rd test.....please!!!! The guy should have been playing from the start!

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