Monday, July 20, 2009

We have a new king!

The crowning of the King and Dick of the week is late this week due to me waiting and hoping on Monday night for an unlikely Ashes come from behind victory on the back of Michael Clarke. I was all set to give him the crown, but alas we fell short. So instead an unlikely winner is named and the Dick of the Week award goes to a money hungry grub! Enjoy.

King of the Week

Tom Watson's play-off defeat at The Open improved his world ranking by 1,270 places, moving him from 1,374th to 104th.

Had he holed an eight-foot putt on the final green and become, at 59-years-old, the oldest major winner in history by 13 years, Watson would today be ranked world No45. Now that is worth a crown!

Dick of the Week

Emmanuel Adebayor - for 2 reasons.
1 - Because after the transfer went through he had the nerve to request a 2million pound "loyalty bonus". You wanted the move dick, are the 150,000 pounds a week your on not enough?
2 - The way he dresses

Your never too young
Bolivian top flight football side Aurora have handed a debut to 12-year-old Mauricio Baldivieso in a 1-0 loss to FC la Paz. Mauricio came on six minutes before halftime, sent into the fray by coach Julio Cesar Baldivieso, who happens to be youngster's father.

Mauricio had a somewhat brutal introduction to the professional game as he picked up an ankle knock within five minutes from ferocious tackle by La Paz's Henry Alaca. But to the delight of Aurora's fans, who gave him an ovation, the youngster was able to resume after treatment pitchside.

Just thought it might interest the masses!
Toon Man

Where are you now?
Just wondering if Matt "I'm really Margret Thatcher in disguise" from last week is willing to again go into bat(excuse the pun) for the stinking cheating Poms again? He was so quick to throw his support behind their pathetic time wasting tactics last test match, just wondering if he is supporting their dodgy catch claims? How that was ever a catch i will never know, and for a Captain of country to not even blink an eyelid is a disgrace and he should have to step down from his position! I hate the Poms!

Doing the numbers
Dear Mr Ponting, last time I checked you needed to take 20 wickets to win a test match.
That is all

Late entry

Who remembers Luke Chadwick?

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