Saturday, July 4, 2009

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Sour grapes?
What will be amusing is the amount of Utd fans who a few days ago would have been saying that Owen was past it will now be lauding Fergie as a genius today.

Owen has no loyalty to anyone but himself, I hope he gets booed out of Anfield on his return...if he's even fit.


He could buy alot of peanuts!
With 80,000 people turning out for 30mins just to see Ronaldo "unveiled" as a Real Madrid player it is quite sick to realise that if each one of those fans had brought with them $2, it still wouldn't have covered his wages for the WEEK! Is anyone really worth that much?


Toughen up!
For some reason I found myself watching the end of the Men's Wimbledon final early the other morning. I'm not that much of a tennis fan to be honest but I found the match to be quite exciting. As it was becoming more and more obvious that Federer was going to win I found myself wondering what the odds were that the little bitch was going to cry! Well I wasn't to be disappointed with big Roger doing his usual number and balling like a baby. Yeah yeah its great that he is in touch with his emotions, rubbish is it. I could maybe handle it if it was the 1st win of his career, or he had just lost a loved one, but bloody hell mate you win just about everything every year, man up!


Well actually.......
Just wanted to draw "Skins" attention to his last post about World Cups. For the record countries to have to qualify for the Rugby League World Cup. Sure it may not be as long a process as Soccer's but that's just how it is. Also you claim that any of the 32 teams that qualify for the Soccer World Cup could win it? Bullshit! There is no way that the powerhouse that is Trinidad & Tobago could have ever won the last World Cup!


What a cock
Just wondering how much lower the Roosters and the NRL for that matter can go. Nate Miles must have the brain capacity of a dead moose to do what he did. How stupid do you have to be to put yourself in that situation? Rugby League player stupid I suppose! "I couldn't help it" hahahahahahaha fantastic excuse mate. Your passed out after who knows how many beers the night before and you crap all over the place and you claim you couldn't help it? Well of course you couldn't Nate, all the alcohol in your system made you loose control of all your bodily functions and also get naked.

Lets be thankful though, at least there wasn't any rape to report, that must be a massive positive for the NRL!


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