Monday, July 27, 2009

Feathers Fly

This week has seen the King of the Week go to an unusual winner. They have beaten out a few strong contenders, one of which has been handed a special runner's up award. The Dick of the Week is also handed out, also beating off strong competition. Be sure to check back here tomorrow for a special run down of the NRL from the mind of Dazzler.

King of the Week

The Manly Sea Eagle Mascot
While not technically a sportsman, the incident with the wanker from the crowd is enough to see the guy in the suit pick up the award. Not content with just putting him on the ground, the eagle gets a few quality punches in as well. Also the fact that he even gets interviewed after the game by the tv is something to be seen. It is well worth looking up on Youtube! Sorry I havn't been able to link it yet.

Runner Up

"The first 90 minutes of the match are the most important." – Sir Bobby Robson
This guy is battling Cancer for the FIFTH time. It takes a strong man to get through it once, but 5 f@#*ing times is just ridiculous! So it seems only fair that he gets a mention, and you just have to love that quote!

Dick of the Week

Brian Smith
Anyone who leaves a club with more than a year to run on the contract, practically mid season, is a dick. Added to the fact that he has no remorse or care factor for doing what he has done makes him a shoe in for this award.

Struggling to understand
Now I get that the guys who compete in the Tour de France are freaks of nature in terms of athletic ability, well the ones not using drugs anyway. I also get that the Tour is quite the distance to ride and it requires a good team of riders to support each other in order to get the main guy over the line. However I have really struggled over the years with the way the whole time keeping system works. I'll be honest from the outset and admit that I don't watch it that much so maybe I am missing something but I remember last years Tour and Cadel Evens entered the last day only a few seconds behind and the commentators saying that its a pity he is going to fall sort of winning it. I was like what the f@#*? How is this possible? Why can't he just go hammer and tong and go out and win the damm thing?

Then this year he falls 3km from the finish and they say that its ok it won't affect his time, ummm why the f@#* not? Can someone tell me why the Tour isn't just a simple first past the post wins? Why do they have to make things so complicated? Seriously I feel it would be so much better, fairer and exciting if it was every man for themselves, first to Paris wins! The bloody French always have to makes things complicated!

Money talks
There are alot of people at the moment with their tits in a tangle over the huge sums of money players are leaving their teams/codes for at the moment. So many of us are quick to jump up in protest, calling them mercenaries, Judas etc without really looking at the big picture.

Say you are working for Company A, you like it there, the money is quite good and you haven't ever really thought about leaving. Then Company B comes along and offers you double what your getting at the moment. You wouldn't have to think twice about going would you!

So I suggest you all just cool down and start hoping that Company B gives you a call!

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