Monday, August 17, 2009

Come this way to see a pic of YangKing

First up I would just like to apologise to you all for being late with this post, but I am sure you will get over it, and I promise that I will get all your rants posted over the course of the week. Chill out and take a breather, especially you Harmo, you nutter! Well I hope you all got your football fix over the weekend, whatever code you follow. Sport often throws up a few surprises and while there were a few in the football over the weekend it is at the golf that the biggest shock was found.

King of the Week

South Korea's Y.E. Yang become the first Asian golfer to capture a men's Major title.
Defeating Woods by three strokes and snapping the world No.1's perfect 14-0 record when leading a Major tournament after 54 holes.
Woods also had the record of 8-0 when leading after the 2nd round in Major's.
Need any more reason to be given the crown?

Dick of the Week
Talk about a massive f@#* up!
An Irish bookmaker was left red-faced - and almost $A2.5 million out of pocket - after paying out early to gamblers backing Tiger Woods to win the US PGA championship.

Paddy Power was so sure that Woods would triumph that it paid out £1.25 million ($A2.48 million) before he teed off for his third round, when he was four shots ahead.

“It takes a special kind of dimwit to turn what should have been our best ever golf result into our worst,'' said a spokesman.

“Paddy Power punters are obviously the big winners here and have made like bandits getting paid out on Tiger as a winner.''
Agence France-Presse

Defending rugby league
I see a lot of people are excited by the upcoming soccer season( Thats right I called it soccer) I have 1 question, why?

When was the last time someone outside the big 4 won the Premier League? Blackburn in about 95 I think.The last 5 NRL grand finals have produced 5 different winners, this is more than in the entire history of Premier League. Serie A has had the same winner the last 4 seasons. La Liga has had 3 winners this century. Sure Rugby League has its scandals but there hasn't been a back to back winner since brisbane about 10 years ago. Several Grand Final winners didn't even make the semi's next year.

As for the scandals, Stevie G would be in the slammer if he wasn't Stevie G. There are no scandals in A-League because if those players rape/assault/deficate it makes as much paper space as if I done it. Why? Because just like me, nobody knows who they are and nobody cares what they do.

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy the game, I've watched finals at wembley, and other games at the lane and craven cottage and the atmosphere is the only aspect of the game that league lacks so please spare me your scandal free world game bullshit.You have your favourite and I'll have mine.

Can they really win it?
After Saturday night/Sunday morning I have to admit that I am more than a little confused towards my beloved Arsenal's title hopes. If I was to believe all the supposed experts pre season's tips then I was to hope for nothing more than 5th at best. Added to this negative press was the constant sadness seen amoungst some Arsenal fans that we hadn't signed every player that we were linked with. The world was ending and Arsenal were the first to go.

Then we come out and give, admittedly a very poor Everton side, one hell of a footballing lesson. On top of the goals I have to admit that I didn't actually think that we played that well, so does this mean there is more in the tank? Does this now mean I can now expect the experts that were writing us off pre season will install us as title favourites? Knowing how fickle the british press can be, more than likely.

But for this little Gooner the Everton game shone the smallest ray of hope that maybe, just maybe we aren't as bad as people say we are.

Settle down people
Just a quick note to all my Arsenal supporting buddies out there that are now going around blowing their trumpets into anyone's ears that they can reach. Just settle down for one second yeah, you havn't won the title just yet!

The Premier League is a very long season and it is who is at the top of the table come May that wins the title, not August! Its is a marathon, not a sprint. I for one would rather have the very capable, sunglassed up, singlet wearing Steve Moneghetti running the race for me, not the sausage down the pants, cologen implant wearing Matt Shervington!
Mind you, f@#*in impressive performance though!

See you in May Arse fans! Go the Pool

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