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The page that is over diving

Apologies for the late post, but I was busy celebrating the birthday of a truly wonderful human being. He didn't get everything he wanted for his birthday though with the Arsenal going down to Manure it what can only be described as farcical circumstances. The NRL and AFL seasons are coming to a close and I hope you all took Trent's advice and whacked a few $$$$ on Souths to beat the Dragons at $7, if not maybe you'll learn to listen to his advice next time!

King of the Week

The inform team of the NRL, unbeaten in their last 7 games. Nobody in the top 8 would want to face this team first round of the semis, and they would surely be worth a few $$$$ to win the comp on this form!

Dick of the Week

All of the above three are what is wrong with the game of Football. Divers are the biggest blight on the game and the first thing anti-football people bring up when arguing which code is better. Sure I am a huge Arsenal fan, but Eduardo and Eboue are an embarrassment and I can never defend what they did. I don't care what you say, Rooney dived! He was falling to the ground before the keeper even makes the feather contact that hides the dive.

A picture request
The two biggest things for me that came from the Man Utd v Arsenal game were:
1 - The sending off of Arsene Wenger, what a f@#*in joke that turned into, but how funny was it to see him up on the brickwork in the crowd. F@#*in brave if you ask me, those Manics are a scary bunch!
2 - Did anyone catch it during the game when they flashed to the crowd and showed Van der Sar sitting by himself? The prick had a manbag/handbag!!!!!!! What the f@#* is up with that?

I am just hoping that someone is able to get a picture of either/both so that they can be posted on this blog, they were special moments!

Showing favouritism?
Diving has been a major problem in football for some time now, and the need to fix it has become urgent. So the news that Eduardo is to be charged has me, an Arsenal fan, applauding the decision. Finally it looks like the governing body is taking the action the game has being crying out for. Now as long as they remain consistent in their prosecution everything will be fine.

Roll around to Saturday, Manure v Arsenal, and one Wayne Rooney goes powering into the Arsenal penalty area. Always running away from goal, Almunia charges out to cover the attack, Rooney seeing this touches the ball past the keeper and begins to fall to the ground. He begins to fall BEFORE any contact was made. Rooney took a DIVE to win a penalty. The only difference between this and the Eduardo dive was that there was some contact made in the Rooney "penalty" sure, but it was AFTER Rooney decided to go to ground.

Cue the dozen replays on TV for the commentators to dissect, the slow motions replays clearly show him heading to ground early, but surprise surprise, instead of calling it a dive, they decide to applaud Rooney for being an "intelligent footballer". There is no way that Rooney and intelligent should be used in the same sentence, the guy is a f@#*in retard.

The double standards make me sick. A foreigner does it, he is a cheat. An Englishman does it, he is intelligent . They are both divers and they are both cheats. Ban them both and the diving will stop.

Swift Reply
Gullsy here again! I just wanted to say thanks to Timmy and Glen for their feedback on my recent article. The only thing that really upset me was finding out that the likes of Glen have been spitting in the food of my fellow hob knobs. Well, I guess you've got to take the good with the bad. At least he's no longer spitting in our pizzas now that he's given up his job at Eagle Boys.

It's also nice to see someone agreed with my self-proclaimed title of 'wanker' – so no arguments there...your reading skills impress me, Timmy! What impressed me more was that the same bloke gave me a vote for 'Dick of the Week'. If you don't mind, I'll take that as a compliment. And one more thing Timmy, that's not actually 'heart burn from the pie'. That's your broken heart when your girlfriend dumps you for a bloke with better seats at the footy.

Have I Done It?
You may remember my spiel a few weeks ago about Wayne Bennett and him possibly being the best coach in the NRL well look what has happened since then, the Dragons have realised that it is approaching finals time and as the days being to lengthen as what happens going into spring every year, the Dragons have began their annual capitulation (or choking or shitting themselves or add your own term here) having lost 3 matches on the trot and what a couple of weeks ago looked like a minor premiership even before the end of the season now looks like they have a battle on their hands with the Bulldogs to claim the honours. I am just wondering if it is just the Dragons yearly ritual coming into effect or if it was my piece saying that there was no way that this year they would choke has caused the stumble. If it was me I just wish i had written it a couple of weeks earlier as i am a Dogs supporter and we have closed the gap, not that their should have been one in the first place. Remember that titanic clash at Jubilee Oval earlier in the season when Team 1 played Team 2 for the competition lead and my boys were robbed by a Jamie Soward moment of stupidity and a Steve Clark video ref fuck up (not that I expected any different, isn't that his job to make mistakes?). Had the above not happened we would be sitting 4 points clear at the top of the table. With that being said a home semi will do me just fine as we have already exceeded my expectations for this season after so many personnel changes and a rookie first grade coach taking the reins. BRING ON THE FINALS

Random Thoughts
1. Calling All Sharkies Supporters…
I went to Brookie Oval on Sunday afternoon to take a look at my Sea Eagles, who were up against the wooden spoon contenders in Cronulla – and I have to tell you that I saw one team that had commitment, attitude, determination and plain old fashioned guts.

None of that came from Manly.

Although they have been outclassed every week, commentators alike have added that at least the Sharks are having a dig. Well, on Sunday I saw them first hand at Brookie, and it is certainly an understatement. They deserved to win that game against Manly – based on all of the attributes I mentioned above, given that they played the last 53 minutes of the game with 12 men via a very questionable send off of Luke Douglas in the first half.

After everything that this club has gone through this season (the Greg Bird saga, the sacking of Brett Seymour, the fall of Tony Zappia, a horror injury count, financial problems, and so on), the Sharks deserved to get something positive out of this season through their performances – and I don’t just mean avoiding the wooden spoon.

They certainly deserved two competition points on Sunday. But more importantly, they deserve the support of every Sharks supporter – not only for the 100% effort that this under-manned side puts in each week, but for their financial future.

Their NRL survival depends on it.

2. The State of Rugby Union.
Boring! Next!

3. The EPL
To that Arsenal supporter who took a pot shot at Liverpool last week, I’ll give credit where it’s due - they are doing a very good job in scoring goals, so much so that they felt the need to score in their own net against the reigning champs! Will you be doing that against Liverpool? Chelsea? What about Burnley? That would help them avoid relegation!

4. The Ashes Post-Mortem
OK. It’s been a week since the Ashes debacle, and basically the impression that I get is that nothing will change – no selector or player is resigning or will be given the chop; and everybody fully supporting skipper Ricky Ponting. Is it just me, or does it mirror the current NSW Government? Of course changes have to be made!

First of all, the selectors must be sacked. No ifs. No buts. Second, although he scored a century in the second innings, time has to be up for Mike Hussey. Twenty-odd innings without a Test hundred is just not good enough. Hence, move Michael Clarke to four and drop Shane Watson to five.

This leads to my third point – bring back Phil Hughes to open the batting. Dropping him midway through the Ashes wasn’t the way to go, especially if you compare his form to Hussey’s. Plus, select Phil Jacques as a standby opener. Remember, before his back injury, he did score a hundred in his last Test Match.

Finally, yes, Ricky Ponting is the captain and he has to take the majority of the blame for the defeat – not all of it. The other players under his captaincy must also take responsibility. He might have been the first Aussie captain to in 119 years to lose two consecutive series on English, but he is also the second Aussie captain to lead Australia to a 5-0 Ashes series win.
The Dazzler

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