Friday, August 14, 2009

Is this a scandal free zone? Doubt it!

As another weekend rolls around I'm sure most of us will turn our attention to the kick off of the English Premier League, how can't you get excited about that? Also don't forget the Scottish Premier League, I hear that they have let more than 2 teams enter this year! If you are venturing out at some point this weekend, please be careful on the streets, you never know when an NRL "star" is around, and they may attack you, or if they have had enough to drink they may even try to get a leg over! Just a friendly warning is all!

A harsh but fair request
As the Daily Shitgraph has made their back page a “scandal free zone”, due to the fact that they are sick of writing stories about Thugby League players:

· raping women.

· raping women and video taping it.

· raping women in a tag team format AND video taping it.

· players jerking off while their team mates rape women.

· urinating in public.

· spewing in public.

· jerking off in public.

· punching sponsors at team functions.

· punching girlfriends.

· posting pictures of their genitals on face book.

· glassing girlfriends then trying to get their friends to take the blame.

· falling over drunk in Cronulla mall .

· telling sponsors’ daughters they look like sluts.

· sexually assaulting minors.

· taking class A drugs.

· taking non class A drugs in a desperate attempt to get the same affect as class A drugs.

· defecating in hotel corridors.

· waking up in a police station with no clothes on having no idea how they got there.

· getting shot at while getting a quarter pounder meal at kings cross maccas after big night at sapphire suite

· drink driving.

· entering university dorms and groping sleeping female students.

…. etc

I propose we make this blog a “Thugby League free zone”.

Hopefully league dies a slow and painful death in this country.

Mr. Clark
Responsible Users of Cocaine FC

Not great, just smart
My biggest rant is always with the TAB, those who know me know this. You will hear more about the pricks at the TAB later in the year. My rant this week is in response to that Bulldogs supporter Nath and his article about Wayne Bennet being the greatest coach. For the 1st 6 years of his reign at the Broncos he had the whole of QLD to choose from and oodles of Internationals to play with each week. Also if you've ever been out of Bankstown you would realise QLD's not a bad place to live thus the reason he could keep so much good cattle. Great coach sure, but nothing could help the "Baby Broncs" playing with a wounded Lockie, a drugged out Hodges and then spending 2 million on a winger! Nath, Wayne just knew when to get out and the challenge was over anyway!

That's all folks, I've got sore hands from carrying the guys I was stripping tar with today so stay tuned for an all out assault on Foxtell and the NSW TAB next time!

Call yourself a fan?
Well the big Dazzler bites back hey? I was starting to wonder if this guy had a pair of balls! It was great to see that he had the kahoonas to stand up for himself, and I was starting to gain a tiny bit of respect for the Manly scum and then he lost it all in one little sentence! "I left with 10 mins to go" good god man, you call yourself a fan? Any real fan stays to the final whistle, regardless of the score!

Now sure I know that most Manly fans would leave early because they need to get home before their arse bleeds from the anal beads they all seem to walk around using, but real fans stay! So what's the story Dazzler? Are you a fair weather supporter or did you need to get out of the car park early because you knew if the other Manly supporters found out you drove a Holden or Ford and not a Bentley they would call on their butler's to smack you around the head with an umbrella and then gang rape you ? Just asking is all!

Just a little bit excited
It's Friday people! just one more sleep and then the fun begins! I am so excited I think I just let a little bit of wee out!

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