Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The page that comes with a gentle warning

There was a big influx of mail in the past few days and i've tried to get most of them in. It seems that a few of you have had an attack from the green eyed monster but I'm sure you will get over it. We thank Trent for his contribution, and he better hope that they get up or there will be people wanting to know where he lives! I will happily give his address away, but you wont find anything of value there, he punts everything he has, including the shirt off his mother's back! Now there is a thought......

Trent's Top Tips
Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy a punt, now don't for a second think that means that I know what i'm talking about! However bad I am at picking winners for myself, I do seem to have a knack at picking winners for other people, so it is with this that I have decided to give all you punters out there a helping hand and each week I will give you my Best Bets for the weekend action!
Tip 1 - South Sydney to beat the Dragons at a very healthy $7 is too good a price to knock back, and you know what time of the year it is when the Dragons start choking, finals time! And I don't expect them to change this weekend. If you don't fancy the Mighty Rabbits off the stick, the healthy 18 point start can't be passed up.
Tip 2 - The Golden Rose, Rosehill on Saturday, put your house on "Headway". How can I be so sure? Lets just say a little birdy told me!

Disclosure - YEAHMATEGO takes no responsibility for money lost on the above information. All money won however should be split 50/50!

Is it still going to be your year Liverpool fans? hahahahahahahahaha

I can relate
I too have seen the promised land that "Gullsy" seems to live in. It is a beautiful place, one filled with all the comforts that you would expect. The beer flows freely, the women are everywhere, the food is excellent and the view is first class. Well it was for the couple of minutes or so that I got to appreciate it in between serving the pompus pricks that were actually invited to be in there. In the end I wouldn't have wanted any of the food that was served anyway, not with my spit all over it anyway!

Getting in early
I'd just like to make an early nomination for Dick of the Week, "Gullsy". In your own words, yes you are a wanker! That, or I am just as jealous as hell. Maybe next time your sitting up in your private box, lying back in the spa, naked woman all around you feeding you grapes and pouring champagne all over themselves you can find it in your heart to throw a grape down my way, i'll be the one in the 5th row getting wet from the rain and massive heartburn from the "pie", f@#*er!

Any more to offer?
Just reading the post from this Dazzler bloke and "fair shake of the sauce bottle" mate but can you find any more cliches to pad out your rant? Honestly I think "your a few kangaroos short in the top paddock" if you get my drift! Are you related to Kevin Rudd?

Something must be done
I must admit that I had to go back through a few old posts to find who wrote the little piece about Rugby Union, but Craig, you were spot on the money. Now when I first read your little rant I thought that maybe your were just going a bit over the top, but then the test match just gone backed up your argument. Union is the most boring, predictable form of football on the planet, maybe even the most boring sport full stop. Now this rant isn't due to the fact that the Aussies lost (aren't we doing alot of that lately), it is really down to the fact that the sport needs a massive overhaul of the rules or it will die. All teams do is work for field position and then try to force a penalty from the opposition, therefore pretty much securing 3 points! They have to either reduce the amount of points awarded for a penalty, or not allow them to take a shot at goal when given a penalty, make the f@#*ers run the ball!

We Want Their Ashes!
Well after the events that unfolded at the oval over the weekend we have again lost the ashes to the poms and after the way that that the Aussies had played in the series we really didn't deserve to retain them anyway. We have no excuses this time, unlike last time where we had lost players to injury in prematch training sessions. Basically the full touring squad was available the whole series with the exception of Brett Lee so injury wasn't our problem, hell even the tampon (Shane Watson) didn't get injured. I put the series loss down to poor team selections, poor team tactics and just poor cricket in general. So Cricket Australia while your in the mood of losing things can I suggest that you also lose a panel of selectors and a captain. Don't get me wrong I love watching Ricky Ponting play and hope he continues to play for many years to come but not his captaincy and I rate him as the worst Australian captain that I have even seen.
Just before I leave this dark chapter of Austrailan sport alone I will just pose a few questions for us all to ponder
* Why was Stuart Clark given so little opportunity when he is by far our most consistant bowler?
* Why was Phillip Hughes dropped after 2 bad tests yet Mike Hussey had 5
* Why wasn't a replacement top order batsman selected in the squad, so Shane Watson became that man
* Howcome Nathan Hauritz was selected on flat decks but not on a pitch that was so dry you could have thought the match was being played on the sub-continent

Do I know you?
I couldn't quite put my finger on it, but I could have sworn that I had seen Clive Palmer somewhere before. Then it hit me, he was the actor that played Jabba the Hutt in the Star Wars movies! So thats where he got all of his money from!

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