Monday, August 10, 2009

Does this mean that they are back?

Well it happened, The Aussie cricket team remembered how to win! And wouldn't you know it, they managed to take all 20 English wickets which happens to be quite vital in winning a test match, go figure! The Football began this weekend with the entree of the A-League kicking things off, oh it's beautiful!

King of the Week

300 games at the top level in any sport is a fair effort, playing all of those games at the one club in today's era where player/club loyalty goes as far as the next pay check is even more impressive. You have got to admire the importance that the AFL put on player milestones, who wouldn't want to run through a ridiculously sized banner before a game!

Dick of the Week

They make the change that everyone has been crying out for and we win a test. The selectors now probably believe that they are geniuses! Regardless of the outcome of this series, they should all be sacked! To think that not that long ago Australia winning by an innings and then some was the norm, to be expected! Oh how times have changed!

Oh how things can change
It was only about 4 weeks ago that I honestly thought that the top 8 of the NRL was pretty much decided. Well hasn't the last few rounds blown things wide open! It now seems that there are 8 teams fighting for 4 spots. This is the type of situation that makes it almost impossible for your average tipster, right when this one needs to gets some much need points!

An open letter to the Liverpool Football Club from its loyal fans….
WIN US THE F#%&@! ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE! No ifs. No buts. Just bloody win!! I mean, how bloody hard is it to win a title?! Man United have won 11 -so it can’t be that hard! Even Blackburn Rovers have won a title! Blackburn F#%&@! Rovers!!! We’re supposed to be one of the greatest football clubs in the world, yet we can’t even win our own domestic competition!! Compared to the three ‘super’ clubs, we’re the Ringo Starr of The Beatles!! As your loyal supporters, we’re sick of being ridiculed year after year from Arsenal, Chelsea or Man United supporters! We’re sick of starting each season full of hope, only to be continuously disappointed. And yes, that’s includes coming second last year. NO-ONE REMEMBERS WHO CAME SECOND!!


In conclusion, we wish you all the very best for this season and I’m sure you won’t disappoint us – your loyal fans.
The Dazzler

Were you there?
Just wondering if the mighty "Dazzler" was at the Manly v Bunnies game on the weekend? Oh hang on, thats right, he isn't from Manly, and nor would you want to be after that half-arsed performance! Those pricks cost me the chance of a perfect round, useless bastards, my father always told me to never trust anyone from the North Shore, he would say "All they will want to do is f#@* you up the arse and tell you how good they are while doing it". But I suppose that means I can trust you then Dazzler!

Simple really
I would just like to express my dislike of the game of Rugby Union! Maybe it is due to my attendance of a public school and missing out on all of that "bum fun" or maybe because I don't like to tape my ears back and ram my head up another mans arse, but I just can't stand the game! All gay jokes aside, and lets be honest when it comes to Rugby there are plenty, the biggest thing, excuse the pun, that gets up my arse, is this bullshit 3 point field goal rubbish. Everyone is always up in arms that they don't run the ball enough in Rugby and I've got your solution. Make the field goal worth just the 1 point and it will solve everything, well except the gay sex. Make field goals worth just the point and it will make those private school pretty boys actually run the bloody thing!
That is all

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